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The best pregnancy pillows to help you sleep with a bump when pregnant

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Getting a good night's sleep when you're pregnant can be a challenge - as if the constant toilet trips, hormones and shooting leg pains weren't enough to deal with, not being able to get comfortable as your baby grows is a common pregnancy problem. Whether you're struggling with feeling too hot, finding a comfortable position or are being woken by those mum-to-be worries, we've got a few tips to help you get some much-needed sleep, plus a list of the best pregnancy support pillows on the market. 

What is a pregnancy pillow?

Usually, they are large, comfortable sleeping aids that support your pregnancy bump, bum and back. They can be real lifesavers when you're having trouble getting comfortable when resting or sleeping while pregnant. You can find many types of pregnancy pillow.

How to use a pregnancy pillow?

You will want to use a pregnancy pillow everytime you take a nap or get your night sleep. It will make you feel more comfortable and more relaxed providing a better sleep. There is no restriction of when and how often you can use your pillow. It's such a good addition to your night routine or resting times that you won't be able to live without one anymore after getting used to having it. 

Do you need a pregnancy pillow?

If you experience any discomfort or have difficulty relaxing because your bump, you may wish to invest in a pregnancy pillow. Having a pregnancy pillow specifically isn't imperative though - a normal pillow can do just fine if that works for you. The downside of a regualr pillow is that it may move around while you sleep so you may not always have the support you need during the night, whereas pregnacy pillows are shapes or designed to fit with your body. 

How do you choose a pregnancy pillow?

To choose a pregnancy pillow you need to first think what type of sleeper are you? A side, a back or a stomach sleeper? For each one of these types, the challenges will be different. Also, you need to think about the firmness and the fabric.

The types of a pregnancy pillow

There are 3 main types of pregnancy pillows. If you are a side sleeper the best pregnancy pillow for you is the body one, so you will be able to get your full body in comfort. If you are a back sleeper you can use a u-shaped pregnancy pillow, which will wrap all your body and give you the comfort you deserve in any position you ended up to be. And finally, if you a belly sleeper you will need an inflatable pregnancy pillow with a hole in the centre. There is also the wedge pregnancy pillow that is usually much smaller and specific to give comfort to a specific part of your body, it can also be called a multi-purpose pillow.

The technology of pregnancy pillows

Pregnancy pillows can be made by different materials, but you need to look for a firm and non- allergenic material. Your pillow needs to have a cover to be easy to keep it clean and also a long durability.

The extra features of pregnancy pillows

The most common extra feature is using the pregnancy pillow as a maternity pillow or a nursing pillow as well. You can use to feed your baby or even to put him to rest as well.

The price of pregnancy pillows

The minimum price you will find for a good pregnancy pillow is around 15/20 pounds and it can go up to 70 pounds.

The best pregnancy pillow in 2018

It can be difficult to sleep comfortably with a bump while pregnant, but a supportive pregnancy pillow can make all the difference. Nowadays you can find so many different types of pregnancy pillows that can be used during the 9 months of your pregnancy and also by your baby as soon he/she is born as a nursing pillow. 

Chicco Boppy Total Body Pillow

£54.00 - RRP: £60.00

This 4-star pregnancy pillow was shortlisted for a Mother & Baby award and continues to be a pregnancy favourite thanks to its 2-in-1 use. Not only will it give you a restful night's sleep and daytime comfort, it can be used as an aid for breastfeeding.

Designed with a physiotherapist in order to ensure this pillow removes any pressure on the spine, if you're suffering from pregnancy back-pain, a pillow might help. This pillow consists of three separate pieces that can be used together, or separately for the perfect combination, with support for the whole body, the head and the shoulders to stomach.

Theraline The Original Pregnancy & Baby Feeding Pillow


Another dual-purpose pillow, this 4-star product won a bronze Mother & Baby award in 2017. The microbead filling moulds to the shape of your body for optimum comfort, changing as your body does. Any back or pelvic pain? This pillow promises to alleviate it, plus give you an extra help when breastfeeding.

Our tester Rebecca Wilcox told us: 'I think this product is wonderful, appropriately priced, versatile, flexible and extremely user-friendly. I have found this one of the most useful products as a breastfeeding mother as I can mould the pillow to me and my baby in a variety of positions and locations.

ClevaMama ClevaCushion 10 in 1 Nursing Pillow


pregnancy right up to the stroller stage. Whilst we're focusing on pregnancy, the pillow has adjustable straps to fit your waist, helping you get comfortable when you need it most. A good one to buy if you want a product that will last for more than the next nine months.

Summer Infant Ultimate Body Comfort Pillow

£34.90 - RRP: £39.99

While most of these pillows are multi-purpose, this one is extra special. It not only supports your back, bump and hip during the night, it can also be zipped into a coil design to create a little nest for your baby to rest or play in. The best-selling product will have you sleeping through the night in no time.

12 ft Big U Shaped Pregnancy Maternity Orthopedic Total Body Support Pillow


The wrap around pillow provides full body support for your bump, back, and knees and helps keep you in a side position during the latter months of pregnancy.

Love2Sleep Big L Pillow Maternity Support

This option brings two pillows in one, a regular head pillow and a body one. You can find it in an extra large size to give you even more comfort.   

Kit for Kids Cuddle Me Pregnancy Pillow

A great versatile option, this pillow can be moulded into an abundance of shapes to give you customised support for your back, bump, and knees.

V-Shaped Pillow Orthopaedic Maternity Pregnancy Baby Nursing Back Neck Support by Highliving®


Simple and affordable, this practical pillow will relieve the back, neck and shoulder pain that comes with carrying your growing baby.


Multi-function Pregnant Women Pillow U Type


This pillow has many functions and can be used during all pregnancy and also for breastfeeding nursing. 


General usage tips for the best pregnancy pillow

Even if you are using the best pregnancy pillow, you will need some other actions to have a good night of sleep, such: do some gentle exercise during the day (It will help with anxiety), keep your blood sugar stable (avoiding sweets at night), keep the bedroom cool, take a warm bath before bed, put down your electricals at least one hour before bed, drink some herbal relaxing tea, take a fiction book with you to bed, use a gentle nightwear, avoid talking about stressful subjects before bed and other relaxing and calming habits.  

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