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The best back to school uniform for primary school children

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School uniform

It’s that time again. Your children are quickly growing up (sobs) and heading back for another year at school - or maybe for their first year.

Whether it’s their first time at primary or just one step closer to secondary, you need to invest in everything they need to make the most of their experience. First up is their school uniform. 

The uniform is one of the most important parts of school. Every establishment will have different requirements that need to be met. At some, you’ll be able to buy your little ones smart black trainers, whereas others won’t let them through the door. Before you buy, make sure you take the time to get to know the school uniform guidelines. 

If you’re already familiar with what they can and can’t have, keep on reading or save this page for later. It might sound like common sense, but you’re going to end up spending SO much money on essentials like polo tops. To make life easier when your girls and boys are getting taller, I’ve pulled together this list of some of the best items needed for school. Think warm sweatshirts, comfortable trousers, cute pinafore dresses and smart black shoes! 

Watch your little sunflower grow in this sweatshirt. The sizes do come up slightly bigger for the age range, but this is good to give them room to sprout up. A baggy fit is better than buying new jumpers every couple of months. Just make sure it’s not going to come to their knees as they’ll look silly. With colours available from classic navy to yellow and green jumpers, you'll find the right one for your kids school. 

Kids don’t have to be taking part in arts and crafts to cover themselves in everything. Whether it's their lunch, dirt from the playground or stains from their handwriting pen, you name it... It'll be down them. This durable shirt will still look fantastic after regular washing and shouldn’t crease too much. Well, if you get it straight out of the washing machine anyway.

From walking to school to football games on break and being comfortable during class time, these shoes fit the bill. The stylish footwear is designed with a fasten hook and loop strap, so they can come off and be put on effortlessly. If you're worried about the shoes wearing down quickly, then the scruff-resistant coating will put your mind at ease.  

Want smart trousers that’ll withstand outdoor play all year round? Pick this pleated pair for your boy to rock at school. To ensure he’s comfortable all day, the waist adjuster gives him plenty of room. Plus, it comes with a belt to ensure they fit as best as possible.

Perfect for warm autumn and summer days, this pack of pinafores should be a staple for any girls’ school wardrobe. Not only is this practical for the hotter weather, but its also great quality and won’t go bitty after washing. And, if you think you might be late for the school run, you won’t spend extra time ironing it. Winner!

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