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Don’t rule out these stationery sets for kids

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Stationery for kids

School might be out for summer, phew! But, the countdown is already on until your child goes back to primary school and starts their new academic year. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, it’s weeks away before they go back. Trust me when I say it'll feel like you've just blinked and it’ll come around. Especially, as it's halfway through August already, where has 2019 gone? It might as well be Christmas at this rate.

Gone are the days at nursery when your little one would get to play all day with finger paints, take naps and run around in the play area. Now, they’re sat in their very own seat learning everything from handwriting skills to how to count and how to read. Kids learn all sorts at school, so much so that I remember being given a flat wooden shoe with laces to learn how to tie my shoes.

You won’t need a wooden shoe to help them with their lessons though. You'll just need to make sure your child is prepared for being in the classroom by buying them essentials like pens and pencils. If you’re not quite sure what you need to fill your little ones’ pencil case, then I’ve found the perfect stationery sets. Just don’t draw a line under purchasing anything before you take a look.

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Does your little one enjoy colouring in? This rainbow pattern pencil case is perfect for arts and crafts hour at school. The set includes 43 pieces like glittery gel pens and sticky notes, for writing any important information during class. Not only will this be great for term time, but kids can bring it along on holiday because it’s so compact.

Gotta catch ‘em all. And, you will with this amazing Pokémon stationery set. If you buy this as a gift for your Pokéfan, beware that they don’t Pikachu hiding it. Jokes aside, this fun pack includes useful utensils like five coloured pencils, two highlighters, a lined notebook, 15cm ruler, ballpoint pen, a regular pencil and sharpener.

Does your little one have a sweet tooth? Don’t we all. But, instead of giving them a chocolate bar, treat them to this delightful stationery kit. The pencil tin, pens, pencils and notebook look like some party favourites including Love Hearts. This is one sugar fix I can get on board with. 

Ride the Jolly Roger (the car) back to school or for their first day at primary. This amazing four-piece set is fantastic for new adventures, like voyaging across the academic year to find buried treasure AKA good grades. Expect a skull and crossbones design on the ruler, rubber, pencil and sharpener.

If you want something extra special, look no further than this stationery set. Running along every piece is a panda theme, which is great for boys or girls who love animals. Kids will be entertained for hours writing and drawing in the pad or spiral notebook. As well as pencils and a sharpener, this comes in a personalised panda bag, where you can add your child's name.


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