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Buying Guide: 3-in-1 Prams

Section: Shopping Ideas

Thinking of buying a 3-in-1 pram? Welcome to your purchase checklist...

The best thing about a 3-in-1 pram is it can be used from your baby’s birth to around age two. And, as the name suggests, this pram can be used in three ways. Firstly with a carrycot as a pram for newborns, then as a pushchair for older babies, and finally as a travel system with a compatible infant car seat clipped onto its chassis.

These 3-in-1 models do tend to cost a bit more than other pushchairs, but the carrycot option means your newborn can lie completely flat, which is essential for breathing and spinal development. Get clued up with your pram-buying checklist.

  • Make sure you can easily fold and unfold the pram and switch between modes with minimum fuss.
  • Look for a pram that is the right size for you. Adjustable handles are useful so other people can push it no matter how tall they are compared to you.
  • See what extras are included. You’ll need a rain cover and a footmuff and a matching changing bag are useful additions too.
  • Some models of 3-in-1 pram are quite large – make sure you have enough room at home to store them. *Check the pram fits into your car boot when collapsed. *Ample storage space is important, think about whether the shopping basket is really big enough for your needs.

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