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Buying Guide: Double Pushchairs

Section: Shopping Ideas

Second child on the way and need a bigger buggy? Think about a double pushchair...

If your second child arrives before your first is able to walk far – or your expecting twin a pram for two is an essential. Choose between a ‘tandem’ that has one seat behind the other or a ‘twin’ with seats side-by-side. Tandems are narrower, so easier to maneuvre, but the child left sitting at the back usually has a restricted view. Often only one of the two seats is suitable from birth so most tandems aren’t an option for twins. ‘Convertible’ tandems start off as single pushchairs but can be converted to a double with the addition of a second seat. Side-by-side twin pushchairs are more likely to have seats suitable from birth, but are very wide, making them harder to get through doorways. Not all double pushchairs are the same, so bear in mind some key factors when choosing a model.

  • Make sure the pushchair can fit in your car boot when collapsed and that you have enough space to park it in your hallway.
  • Most doubles are pretty hefty and weigh between 12-15kg. In the shop, see if it’s not too heavy for you to manage by yourself, as once you’re using it you’d have to lift it into the car boot, for example. *See what extras are included. A raincover and a footmuff are essential and if you have to buy them separately it will bump the price up.
  • Look for a model that can transform into a travel system by adding a Group 0+ car seat for greater flexibility.
  • Think long term and look for seats that are wide enough to fit toddlers, too.
  • Ample storage space is important, check for a good-sized shopping basket that’s easy to get too.
  • Check the model is the right size for you. Height-adjustable handles are a must if you are particularly tall or short.

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