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The best Christmas gift ideas for babies 2019

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Whether it's your baby's first or second Christmas, we've hand-selected all the best presents to make this year the most special. If you've got to get gifts for a toddler and the man in your life too, don't worry about struggling through the shops with your buggy. We've found all the presents you could ever need online so you can finish your Christmas shopping without having to leave the house!

For babies aged 3-6 months, wrap their presents in bright, shiny, crunch-when-you-crinkle-it wrapping paper for maximum impact. For babies aged 6-12 months, choose toys that encourage movement, whether it's crawling, standing, or developing fine motor skills. Browse our hand-picked selection to find your tot's perfect gift here. Once you've exhausted this list check out our 2019 Mother & Baby Best Baby Toy award winners for even more inspiration!

The ultimate Christmas gift guide for babies:

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1) Pusling Bug Map, £59, Kidly

Your little snuggle bug will love kicking around on this pusling bug playmat! Made from 100% organic cotton and environmentally friendly dyes, it's great for little ones to lay on and kick their little legs. It comes with a pair of bugs and furry pocket which help babies develop their fine motor skills and sense. You can even place it under a play gym for extra fun! 
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2) Ride on Aeroplane, £130, My 1st Years

This beautiful white ride on plane is a lovely present for a baby! It'll look great as a decoration in your babies nursery and perfect for when your baby grows and starts taking their first steps. 
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3) Playgro Grow n' Play Pop and Drop Activity Ball Gym, £29.99, Smyths Toys

Babies will love this pop and drop ball gym and will make for a perfect christmas present! It comes with 30 colourful balls and 4 activity stations that help with motor skills, and the vibrant colours will stimulate your little ones senses. 
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4) Tobbles Neo Stacker, £20, Kidly

Why not go for a more modern stacking toy this christmas and buy this amazing stacking set? It encourages sensory exploration, little ones will love stacking, wobbling and spinning these weighted tobbles, and it's great for their hand-eye-coordination. 
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5) Colour Changing Sensory Mood Lamp, £22.99, Amazon

Bring baby sensory home this christmas with this lovely colour changing mood lamp that babies will not be able to take their eyes off! With little fish bobbing around inside too, it's a great way to stimulate your little ones senses. It's also perfect for night times, creating a relaxing atmosphere as you get your little one ready for bed. 
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6) My Learning Library, £7, The Works

Picture books are a great way of teaching little ones and although they might not be old enough to know the words they'll love hearing you make animal noises and pointing at the different pictures! These 8 chunky books will fit snug into this little hands.
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7) 4-Pack Woodland Cubes, £16, JoJo Maman Bebe

These sweet little woodland cubes are perfect for stacking, tumbling and throwing. They help develop motor skills and imagination through creative play with the woodland animal theme. It's always the simple toys that will have little ones reaching for them again and again! 
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8) Personalised Christmas teddy bath hamper, £125, Mothercare

What better way to end babies first christmas than with a lovely bubble bath? This babyblooms bath hamper comes in a beautiful gift box, with 0-6 month sized sleepsuit, cuddle wrap and teddy, hooded towel and an award winning baby lotion! Make it personal as well by adding your little ones name when ordering.
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9) The Gro Company Ollie the Owl Grofriend, £22.99, Amazon​

Ollie the Owl plays four soothing sounds and is a cuddly companion designed to help you and your baby get a good night's sleep. He has built in CrySensor technology – so if your baby cries he will sing them back to sleep without you having to activate him.
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10) Tiny Love Dynamic Gymini, £47.95, Amazon

This uniquely versatile baby activity mat has adjustable moving arches that adapt to baby's age and stage, encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills from day one. Electronic recording bird toy with lights and music feedback stimulates baby and encourages the development of language, communication and cognition, allowing parents to record sweet messages for younger baby and toddlers to record themselves. Our mum-testers loved it so much that it won Bronze in the 2019 Mother & Baby Awards.
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11) Halilit Musical Shapes Musical Instrument Gift Set, £13.21, Amazon

​Introduce your baby to the wonderful world of music with this specially selected set of musical instruments from Halilit. Chosen especially for young babies to help development, the musical rings are vibrantly coloured, with each boasting its own individual sound when shaken. 
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12) Charlie the Caterpillar Rocking Toy, £39.20, Mamas & Papas

​A traditional nursery feature, Charlie the rocking caterpillar comes with a solid wood rocking base and hidden features. Using contrasting textures, noises, patterns and prints, along with features designed for little hands and mouths. They've given one of our most-loved friends a makeover. Charlie, the friendly rocking caterpillar is now realised in brighter, bolder, colours.
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13) GUND My Little Garden Playset, £22.50, Amazon

​​The Little Garden Playset means little ones can come and assist in the garden with their very own safe gardening tools. Inside the outer container is a rattle, cunningly disguised as a packet of flower seeds, a garden gnome that makes a magical sound when squeezed, a shovel that feels crinkly when touched and a flower on a grassy knoll with a squeaker inside all made from the same soft, colourful textile!
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14) Timble Knitted Bear, £20, Silver Cross

Timble is a wonderfully cuddly, traditional teddy bear, absolutely perfect for little hands. He comes in a lovely light brown knitted fabric, perfect for snuggling. Timble is a perfect first companion for little ones. Exclusive to Silver Cross, this cutest of teddy bears is beautifully presented in a display box, making this a perfect gift.
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15) Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker, £23.99, Amazon

Fisher-Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker is a helping hand for little ones finding their feet. It is full of hands-on activities for sitting babies and encourages them to stand up too. Your baby can turn the book page or press the light-up buttons to hear sing-along songs and phrases with new animal friends! And when learning to walk, the easy-grasp handle and sturdy four-wheel base help steady those wobbly first steps. 
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16) Sensory Shapes, £15, Early Learning Centre

With a newborn, sometimes the simplest toys are the best. With six shapes with different textured surfaces to explore and discover, these colourful shapes are perfect for sensory play. Reaching for and catching the shapes improves hand-to-eye coordination. Discover the feel of each shape as you grasp and squeeze. Picking up, exploring, holding and squeezing each shape helps build fine motor skills which are important for dressing and writing. 
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17) Lamaze Phillip Pelican, £11.28, Amazon

Keep your little one engaged and entertained for hours with Phillip the Pelican. This friendly bird has a surprise peek-a-boo mirror in his beak that is revealed when you squeeze his belly. Includes teether, contrast patterns, multiple textures, and fun crinkles to encourage baby to explore. The Lamaze clip lets you hook Phillip to strollers, carriers and changing bags to take him along for on-the-go fun. 
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18) Taf Toys Tummy Time Developmental Pillow, £16.50, Amazon

This uniquely designed tummy-time pillow comes with a teether and rattle toys, to encourage baby to lift up their head and neck. It can be used on any surface suitable for baby to practice the use of their neck and head muscles and comes in an extra soft polyester fabric. 
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19) Sweet Dreamers Ewan the Dream Sheep, £29.99, Amazon

Make way for Ewan the Dream Sheep! If you haven’t already heard of this pretty prestigious toy, he’s a little sheep that has taken the parenting world by storm! Ewan is a soft cuddly toy with light and sound features, including actual womb and heartbeat recordings lullabies that help your baby fall into a peaceful slumber. Apart from being simply the cutest sheep on the block, Ewan makes a perfect new baby gift as our mums swear by him.
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20) Baby Einstein Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow, £14.99, Smyths Toys

Plush comfort and fun discovery toys make the Rhythm of the Reef Prop Pillow your baby’s perfect companion. This prop pillow from Baby Einstein makes tummy time discovery time! This engaging pillow provides prop up support for babies on their tummy and provides multiple toys for baby to explore and discover. This bright and eye-catching pillow features a baby-safe sun mirror, crab bead chaser toy, soft teether and multiple textured fabrics.
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21) Baby Stay Put Suction Bowl and Matching Spoon Set, £14.99, Amazon

This Suction Bowl and Spoon Set might not seem like a go-to gift, but trust us, it will make a real difference to your life at mealtimes. The all natural wooden bowl has a suction pad that sticks to the highchair, or any surface, and stays put so that baby can start eating without it sliding away. It’s such a beautifully unique design and the soft silicone spoon is sensitive on little mouths.
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22) Skip Hop Moby Whale Bath Rinser, £8, John Lewis

Make tub time fun time with the help of Moby the whale from Skip Hop. The friendly Moby rinser is specially designed to keep water out of baby's eyes and ears. The easy grip handle allows you to hold the rinser in one hand and baby in the other.
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23) Skip Hop Explore and More Egg Shaker Trio Set, £10.98, Amazon

All babies love to make noise! Each of these Skip Hop Explore and More Shakers are easy-to-hold and makes its own unique sound. Little ones will love to shake up playtime with these three cheerful characters!
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24) Universal Highchair Activity Centre, £19, Mamas & Papas

This play tray offers 6 interactive features and 3 toy arrangements which change with your childs development. Textures, colours and materials aid stimulation for a fun playtime. The toys are fixed, meaning baby can't drop or throw them. Great for keeping your little one entertained while they learn to sit up unaided, particularly when you're out and about! 
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25) Peter Rabbit Finger Puppet Book, £6.46, Amazon

Peter Rabbit finger puppet book is a simple counting book with a soft finger puppet of Peter Rabbit, which really brings him to life! The Peter Rabbit puppet is cleverly stitched into the book so it can't get lost, and is integral to every page!
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26) Fisher-Price Move and Groove Xylophone, £16.99, Amazon

Packed with motion activated music and lights and designed to grow with your baby, the colourful xylophone toy features a fun roly-poly base for fun wobble action. As children grow they can tap on the musical keys, creating their very own melodies and songs. Suitable for children from three months.
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27) Gertie the Good Goose Teething Toy, £13.99, Amazon

​Gertie the Goose is a natural, rubber teething toy. She is 100% safe and all-natural, specially designed to fit in babies' hands and to soothe tender gums. She also makes a lovely quacking sound when squeezed!
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28) LeapFrog Learn and Groove Music Table, £49, Amazon​

We love his Musical Table from Leapfrog. It comes with 15 activities and more than 40 songs to keep children learning and grooving. They will learn to push, pull, press, slide, open and close, helping develop fine motor skills. Explore the alphabet, shapes and numbers or flip to music mode and learn real instrument sounds of the piano, drum, xylophone, trombone and guitar.
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29) Bredita Bunny Soother, £18, Amazon

The Bredita Bunny Soother is fluffy-soft and friendly, perfect for a newborn to snuggle into. The perfect blankie with knotted corners just right for chewing on.
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30) Matchstick Monkey Teething Toy, £9.99, JoJo Maman Bebe

Help make the teething process a little less painful with this clever gel applicator. The 2-in-1 design works by properly distributing your chosen teething gel or granules to the source of the pain, while the toothbrush bristles massage and soothe the gums as your baby chews.

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