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A mum’s wisdom: Baby’s first Christmas! Brought to you by Palmer’s

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A mum’s wisdom: Baby’s first Christmas! Brought to you by Palmer’s

In September, Natasha Corrigan, 24, mum to Isabella, three, won a competition to feature as M&B’s new-mum blogger, in association with Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula, the leading pregnancy stretch-mark brand in the US. 

Here are her top tips on how to avoid festive excesses and make your very first Christmas as a mum special and memorable:

Ahh! Baby’s first Christmas! 

It’s a tricky one – when you speak to other mums, some say, ‘Oh, we aren’t doing anything special for Christmas, she won’t remember it anyway.’ But then other mums have mountains of presents ready by November. It’s a personal preference, of course. Will baby remember it? No, but you will. It’s your first Christmas as a mum, so it’s really more about how you want to remember it. Whether that’s by buying heaps of presents or creating keepsakes is down to you. 

We all go through that stage of thinking we have to buy ridiculous amounts of presents for our new family member, but in all honesty, your little cherub doesn’t care about gifts, Santa or the Christmas treats your mum buys every year. But keepsakes are a great way to have a lovely and ever lasting memory from your first Christmas. Let’s face it, toys, clothes, shoes and whatever other presents your little one gets aren’t going to be with you in 20 years’ time. Go for small and original items – make a Christmas ornament featuring your new baby’s footprint, or start a scrapbook on Christmas Day and add to it throughout the coming years, or get a first-Christmas outfit that you can keep. 

A mum’s wisdom: Meet our new-mum blogger!

You have years of Christmases ahead of you. Next year your baby will be a toddler and the constant battle of stopping him/her knocking the Christmas tree over will begin. In reality, the first few Christmases are really for parents, not the little ones. You have so many festive seasons ahead of you to spoil them, so just enjoy it. Spend less time focusing on getting the perfect gift and instead focus on experiencing your first Christmas as a family. After all, you will never have a first Christmas as a mummy again!

Look out for more from Natasha in next month’s issue magazine. 


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