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Everything you need to celebrate your baby's first Christmas in style

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With a new member joining the family, you'll be sure to have a special christmas this year. Whether you will be dusting off old traditions or creating new ones, we know it's the extra touches that can bring in the Christmas cheer. We have selected below the must-have items that will add the festive flair to your first Christmas with your new little one.

Sacks are great alternatives to stockings, not only do they fit bigger presents but it makes finding presents under the tree that much easier! This stylish Santa sack is perfect for a classic christmas look.

It's not a true Christmas if you haven't been rushing around last minute for stocking fillers, why should your little one miss out! This little extra is the perfect accent to your mantle piece this year.

Everyone loves Christmas pyjamas but can you imagine having Christmas bedding? Ok, this might be a bit extreme but lets break away from the tree and bring a bit of cheer into the nursery too!

Here's a little something for Dad; you know you'll see his feet up more than you would like, at least now you'll get the warm fuzzy feelings when you do.

Keep the memory of your newborn's first christmas for years to come with this playful Christmas bauble.

There's nothing like singing Walking in the Air at Christmas time (regardless if you think it's sung by Aled Jones or not). Bring the classic film home with this cute booties presented in a beautiful 'First Christmas' box.

Imagine the big day has arrived, you're sat around the tree eagerly awaiting the presents... can't you just picture your little one in this adorable Christmas outfit?

Create your own keepsakes with this amazing photo backdrop. This year you'll be instagram ready!

I know we already showcased one sack in this list but hessian sack is calling to be picked up by the polar express postal service!

The reality is your little one might have already outgrown newborn onsies already, the year has flown by! 

This set includes matching socks, bib and embroidered Santa hat! Who doesn't love matching Mum and Baby socks?

This stylish tree ornament is the perfect keepsake for the day. Available in Silver or Gold.

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