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Christmas Eve boxes - how to make the perfect one

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Christmas Eve boxes - how to make the perfect one

Christmas Eve boxes have become the big new tradition in family households. 

What is a Christmas Eve box? Put simply, it's a box of goodies that your children open on Christmas Eve. Most parents fill them with cute things like special Christmas pyjamas, books to read and sweet treats to nibble on.

It's completely up to you what you put in them - after all, it's for your children!

What should go in a Christmas Eve box?

It's completely up to you - the world is your oyster. Try to think of things you know your children would like, that will distract them from the excitement of Christmas Day just a litte..

PJs are a good idea, giving you something new and cosy to wear when they go to bed on Christmas Eve - and probably most of Christmas Day, too! You could maybe add a mug, some marshmallows and hot chocolate as a sleepy treat. Or include a board game, so that you can all play it together as a family.

How to make a Christmas Eve box

There's no secret to making a Christmas Eve box - you just need a box. Simply wrap it up in pretty wrapping paper and add tinsel to make it extra festive. 

If you're not the most creative and don't fancy making something from scratch, you can get some gorgeous pre-made boxes from stationery shops that would be perfect; or, here are some fun, Christmassy boxes that we've found online, and inspiration for what to put inside: 

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