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9 crawling toys that help to get your baby on the move

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Crawling is a major milestone for your little one, but sometimes they need a little encouragement to get those little legs going.

When your baby starts to crawl, it’s a key period of when they become stronger and start to learn about their surroundings. So to help your tot on their way, we’ve picked out the best products that they will love to chase and play with! 

Best products to help your little one to crawl

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1) Press and go crocodile, £13.32, Amazon

Your little one will love crawling after this cheerful little croc as it rolls along the floor! Just press the birds on top and watch it go.
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2) Doubleplay reversible platmat, £100, JoJo Maman Bebe

This soft playmat is a wonderful and worthwhile investment! The wonderful designs will go with any room and are perfect for tummy time and encouraging your little one to crawl. The soft cushioned foam mat is suitable for any tumbles as well. 
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3) VTech Crawl 'n' learn bright lights ball, £15, Argos

Watch your little ones face light up as this colourful, spinning ball lights up and grab your tots attention. With chunky buttons, sound effects and fun music, the ball can be rolled around, encouraging your little one to crawl after it. 
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4) VTech crawl along bear, £39.99, Amazon

This little bear lights up and even plays phrases to encourage your little one to crawl along. With 10 happy melodies and 5 sing-along songs, your little one will love this cheerful bear. 
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5) Laugh & learn crawl a round car, £40, Argos 

This fun filled car puts baby in the driver seat - as well as encouraging crawling skills it develops imagination, motor skills and co ordination.
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6) Looky-looky mirror, £16, Kidly

No matter how or where your tot pushes this roly-poly mirror, it always stays upright. With rattle beads in one wheel and spirals in the other, the rolling mirror is perfect to encourage movement and interaction from as soon as your little one is on their tummy. 
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7) Crawl along tumble tower, £14.99, Smyths Toy

Your little one can sit and play with this tumble tower and then turn it onto its side, roll it, chase it and play! 
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8) Zoom 'n' crawl monster, £16.99, Amazon

With two ways to play, this fun-filled monster will provide endless fun for your tot! Let them sit and play, filling this monster's mouth or watch the monster zoom around spilling the balls out, encouraging your little one to crawl after it!
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9) Chase me Casey, £28.99, Smyths Toys

Cheeky little ones will love chasing around after the VTech Chase Me Casey! With a dance mode and catch me mode, your little one will be encouraged to crawl after the cheeky monkey that has sensors to detect when your little one is near, making Casey respond with motions and sound! It's perfect for when tots start to find their feet too. 

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