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Discover ’n Grow™ Swing-Away Activity Bouncer

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Unique swing-away toy arms for lots of play!

Ages: Birth – 9kg/16lbs
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Laura reviews the Discover ’n Grow™ Swing-Away Activity Bouncer

The Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Bouncer, priced around £50, is perfect for soothing your baby when restless, or keeping him entertained when feeling energetic. The animal character toys are attached to the toy bar, allowing your little one to bat at and listen to the fun rattling noises. The toy bar will also pivot out of the way so you can easily take your little one in and out. We asked Laura Mason, 34, from Kent to review it with her son Reuben, three months


 Reuben has been using this bouncer for the last month, which coincided perfectly with the growth and development in his ability to reach out for objects. It was easy to assemble and is lightweight so easy to move from room to room depending on where we are. The bouncer combines pastel and bold colours.

When we first put Reuben in he went straight for the black and white penguin, only discovering the purple rattle very recently. Both toys spin which he liked, and are attached on separate moveable ‘arms’ which he enjoyed pulling and triggering the music to play. The bouncer has two dangling toys, which babies can reach for.

Reuben seemed quite fond of the cheeky monkey, probably because of the monkey sounds it makes. Reuben is already beyond the weight limit for this toy at 9kg which is surprising. He is a big baby but I would ideally like to see a heavier weight limit so this bouncer can be used for longer.’


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