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Fancy swapping your stroller for a trike?

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smarTrike is a new way for both you and your baby to have fun while out and about.

Using a pram to walk your baby can be boring, for both you and your little one. However, your walks don’t have to be so dull anymore. SmarTrike is a brand of strollers that incorporate tricycles into prams, meaning that your child can pedal as you walk along, making your little one’s journey far more exciting. 

The innovative company has recently launched a new campaign, the Big Stroller Swap. The fun new campaign encourages parents to consider buying the smarTrike, and as such making the journey far more fun for your tot. 

Compared to a regular buggy, the smarTrike stimulates your child’s adventurousness and their sense of achievement as they pedal their way to school, to the shop or back home again. Far more exciting than a regular trip out and about, encouraging your child to try new things and to be adventurous has never been easier. 

Instead of your child returning home after having been sat down for the whole journey, the smarTrike encourages physical activity, which is a vital aspect of your child’s healthy lifestyle. Encouraging families to get out and about and to embrace the big outdoors is a large part of smarTrike’s aim.

Getting out and having fun with nature has never been easier, and you can be part of the Big Stroller Swap by swapping your current pram for a smarTrike, to try something new and adventurous for you and baby.

So you can try something new for you and baby and #swapyourstroller, and let them have all the fun they can instead of your average dull trip out and about. 

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