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Get all the M&B know-how in one place with our fabulous iBooks, whether you're looking for a baby name, need a sleep solution or are ready to start weaning your baby

We've got a great range of iBooks for you, all ready to download from the Apple store. All you need to do is pick the perfect one for you.

The Baby Name book

You may have weeks to until your baby arrives or you may already be holding your beautiful newborn in your arms. Either way, you probably haven’t stopped thinking about the perfect name. And it’s a big deal – after all, he’ll be stuck with it his entire life. So which one to choose?

Enter Mother&Baby’s baby names ibook – aka your new best friend. It’s is an easy-to-use guide, feature a whopping 1301 names, giving you plenty of ideas to mull over. Inside you'll find boys’ names listed from A-Z, girls’ names listed from A-Z, the top 12 rules for choosing a name, top 10 name lists, historical and modern meanings and much more.

And that’s not all – you’ll also find celebrity inspiration, plus advice on avoiding the trend traps and common mistakes of the baby name game.

Buy The Baby Name ibook here

How to Wean Your Baby

Remember when your kitchen was a place of order. Whether it was spag Bol or steak tartare, everything came with a side of civilised. Well, wave THAT goodbye.

Your baby  is weaning, and that is one messy business. Some tots are more discerning then broadsheet critics when it comes to what goes in their mouths, while others think food is better than Lego for entertainment. It can be hard to know when to start, what to start with and how not to spend your days following your tot round with a mop and bucket.

That’s why we put together an ebook version of our indispensable happy weaning plan. Mother&Baby’s How To Wean Your Baby ibook is an easy-to-use digital guide, featuring expert advice and insider information on successfully weaning your baby. It includes choosing the right time to start on solids, making weaning fun and fuss-free, getting the perfect nutritional balance, our top 25 finger foods and must-eat superfoods, dealing with fussy eaters and much more, all at your fingertips.

Buy How to Wean Your Baby here

Get Your Baby To Sleep Tonight

After nine long months of waiting, your baby  has finally arrived. Gazing down at her perfect features, gorgeous fingers and tiny toes as she sleeps, you’ll be awash with love. Then she wakes up. And cries. And wakes. And cries. And… Well, you get the picture.

Getting to know your baby’s  sleep patterns is a huge part of everyday parenting. How do you get her to settle herself? How long will she stay down? Should you leave her to cry? Will she ever sleep through the night? The questions are seemingly never-ending, which is why we have created the Mother&Baby Get Your Baby To Sleep Tonight ebook.

This comprehensive, easy-to-use guide features expert advice and insider information on helping your baby get a great night’s sleep, whatever their age. It includes the lowdown on how much sleep your baby really needs, common sleep stealers and how to overcome them, creating the perfect nursery, finding the right bedtime routine from birth and much more, all at your fingertips.

Buy Get Your Baby to Sleep Tonight here

Baby Sleep Routines M&B’s Better Sleep Guide

This easy-to-use guide features a brand-new sleep routine for babies from newborn onwards. 

It includes routines specially designed with the help of sleep expert Tina Southwood; the best times to nap, feed and sleep for every age and stage; genius sleep buys, troubleshooting tips and much, much more.

Buy Baby Sleep Routines here


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