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Fun Easter gifts and playtime without the chocolate

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Think outside the box this Easter - there are lots of fun gifts and games to play that don’t rely on chocolate

Lisa Bradburn, mother of three, ex-primary school teacher and founder of gives us some inspiration when it comes to a more creative Easter this year.

With Easter around the corner you might be inclined to load up your shopping trolley with Easter eggs, checkout and think ‘job done!’. Having been a working mother for most of my life I can empathise with those who think that gift buying, decorating and baking up a storm can be reserved for Christmas with Easter slipping by without as much fanfare.  However, making Easter a little more special needn’t be stress-inducing, rather an opportunity for some focused time with your children.

Easter gifts

I’m not suggesting a totally chocolate-free Easter, but why not consider different ways to make your child’s Easter exciting, other than the sugar rush from a chocolate egg?  The right gift can inspire hours of creative family fun, such as role play, baking and crafts, and will last a lot longer than the queasy tummies. 

Decorating the house for Easter

Celebrate the arrival of spring with a few bright and colourful decorations. Grab some coloured card, scissors, glue and paints and you can create Easter egg garlands, cute and simple greetings cards, ‘Happy Easter’ signs and much more.  Don’t forget about the possibilities that Playdough brings too – why not create an Easter animal scene with a little help from some googly eyes, feathers and pipe cleaners (all can be picked up for pennies on Amazon). 

Have fun and learn!

Easter is the perfect opportunity to get your children interested in plants and animals – with spring flowers, lambs, chicks and bunnies all taking centre stage at this time of year.  One idea which provides good mileage is to visit a local farm.  Notice what engages your children the most when there, and recall this later in the day or week.  Puzzles and games are a great way to help children remember what you saw on the farm, helping them to develop memory and language skills. Reflecting and recapping on the activities of the day also establishes deeper understanding and increases the children’s learning, as well as being fun.  Similarly, go for a walk in the countryside and see how many flowers your children can spot, and ask them to remember and describe them later on – you’ll have an extra pair of hands in the garden in no time.

Time to bake

Making Easter biscuits and cupcakes is a wonderful family activity – there’s a lot to share, a method to follow and fine motor skills are well developed with all the measuring, stirring and decorating.  Just make sure you stock up on plenty of Mini Eggs – they have a tendency to go walk-about when little fingers and mouths are around.

Here are some alternative gift ideas for Easter, all available from

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Rachel Ellen Easter Colouring Book, £1.99

This Rachel Ellen Easter colouring book is packed full of springtime characters and the reverse of each page has been left blank so that children can unleash their creativity and have fun adding their own drawings.
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Make Your Own Chocolate Easter Eggs, £12.50

Easter wouldn’t be the same without some chocolate – so why not use this kit and teach your children about baking and keep them occupied for a while? With adult supervision, children simply need to melt the chocolate buttons and then use the moulds to create the eggs. Once the eggs are ready, children will have lots of fun getting creative with the bag of sweets provided to decorate their eggs.
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Orchard Toys Farmyard Two-Piece Puzzles, £6.50

The perfect follow-up activity after a day at the farm. Young children will love identifying the farmyard animals, learning their names and the sounds they make. The simple designs are perfect for children aged 18 months and over.
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White Cow Happy Hopperz Medium, £21.99

Kids will happily sit and bounce for hours and Happy Hopperz can be used indoors or out - providing entertainment whatever the weather. These inflatables provide a healthy dose of exercise too and kids will certainly burn off excess energy with a fun bouncing session.
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Lamb Cuddle Buddy Night Light, £22.99

This adorable little lamb is the bedtime friend that reassures and soothes children when it's time to go to sleep – perfect after a hectic day baking, crafting and visiting farms. With blue, green and amber lights, the lamb provides a comforting glow whilst a galaxy of stars is projected onto the ceiling. The clever little lamb also has an automatic switch off after 45 minutes.

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