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Get smart phone savvy with your baby or toddler

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So you bought a shiny new smartphone only to discover your baby decided that really it should be his. Is there any way you can keep check on a baby’s love for modern technology?

They play music, show their favourite cartoon characters and respond to the slightest prod – for a baby, the smartphone is the ultimate toy to have. And he seems to want it more when he is not allowed it!

We all know you should limit screen time for the children, especially the under threes, so they can explore the real world around them. However, if you decide that he is allowed 15 minutes on your phone, there are ways to make sure he gets the most from it – and doesn’t break it. This way you can get the right balance between tech and traditional play.

Just as leaving a baby to stare at a television screen on his own isn’t great; you should make sure you interact with your baby while he plays with your phone. Ask him questions as he plays the game and get him to respond to the requests.

Many apps are educational and developed with babies in mind, such as the Fisher-Price apps free to download from iTunes , providing another way to help your baby learn what sound a cat or sheep makes, or how to count to 10.

And, let’s be honest, no matter how many times you tell your child, chances are he doesn’t realize just how valuable that little piece of tech is. That’s why baby’s specific toys like the Fisher-Price Apptivity iPhone Case come into their own – allowing your baby to keep hold of the phone, while protecting it from dribble, drool and sticky fingers smearing (or smashing) the screen.


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