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Mother and Baby

Gifts for kids this Easter

Section: Shopping Ideas
Need Easter ideas for children’s gifts that aren’t all chocolate? Make Easter special with our selection of great presents...
Dinosaur Egg Finger Puppet Expand Image Dinosaur Egg Finger Puppet

Dinosaur Egg Finger Puppet, £12,

Give a different sort of egg to your little one this Easter – a dinosaur finger puppet egg! Treat them to a trip to the Natural History Museum and pick one up in the shop, or order online. Choose from a Triceratops, Stegasorus or T Rex.
Tractor Ted Meets Baby Animals DVD Expand Image Tractor Ted Meets Baby Animals DVD

Tractor Ted Meets Baby Animals DVD (£8.99) and book (£4.99),

The latest DVD from Tractor Ted is launched at the same time as the new book, on March 16, featuring real-life footage on the farm including Fudge the dog. The book is packed with great photography of baby farm animals. 
The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs Expand Image The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs

The Little Book of Garden Bird Songs, £12.99,

Teach your little ones about bird song with this interactive book. It features 12 of the most common garden birds, with a sound bar allowing kids to identify each bird by their call.
The Enchanted Forest Expand Image The Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest, £5.49,

A beautiful design by Johanna Basford, this is more than just a colouring book. It takes children on an adventure, unlocking secrets in the 60 illustrations as they colour. This is a very detailed book and so suitable for older children – or even parents.
Bunny Jump game Expand Image Bunny Jump game

Bunny Jump game, £19.99, available from Argos and Toys R Us.

Easter wouldn't be complete without a bunny, and this game looks great fun. The bunny jumps around protecting his carrots – the person who collects the most carrots, wins. You might be a hot cross bunny if you lose!
Ewan Snuggly Expand Image Ewan Snuggly

Ewan Snuggly, £9.99,

Looking for Easter gifts for tiny tots? The Ewan Snuggly sheep is made from a plush body, silky legs, and a Velcro tail for securing a dummy or teether.
Oglee Poglee Expand Image Oglee Poglee

Oglee Poglee small craft boxes, £9.99 each,

Need Easter ideas for rainy days? These new Oglee Poglee craft boxes will keep kids entertained indoors. Oglee Poglee is a made-up world starring a curious creature called Oglee Pip, who spends his days exploring new things with his magic button. Each craft box takes little ones on an adventure with Oglee Pip. These small craft boxes contain a customisable postcard, magic button plus crafting materials. Larger craft boxes are also available at £17.99, with a customisable storybook.
Bathtime set Expand Image Bathtime set

Bathtime set, £27.50,

A lovely bunny-themed set for a newborn this Easter - a great pressie if a loved one has just given birth. Includes a cuddle robe and wash mit.
Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs Expand Image Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs

Tomy Hide n Squeak Eggs, £7.99,

Instead of chocolate eggs, these toy eggs have inside them little chicks that squeak when pressed. Great for baby's early skills and a fun sorting game too.
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Personalised Bunny Bag, £16,

If you can't avoid taking them to a hunt, why not buy them a cute personalised bag they'll be able to use all year round, rather than any extra chocolate? 
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