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Fisher Price Go Baby Go!™ Sit-to-Stand Giraffe

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Sitting, standing, exploring—there’s so much to discover!

Ages: 9-36 months
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Tasmin reviews the Go Baby Go Sit-To-Stand Giraffe Activity Tower

The Go Baby Go Sit-To-Stand Giraffe Activity Tower, around £42.99, has music and light effects as the balls spiral down and pop out at the bottom. It is designed to help get baby standing with big handles to hold onto. Tasmin, from South Yorkshire, to test the gym with her daughter, Raphaella. This is what she thought:

At 11 months old, Raphaella is a very busy baby and this toy is perfect as it gives her 'a job to do'. It comes in 8 separate parts and you will need a screwdriver.

This toy is a giraffe with a big wide open mouth, a helter-skelter slide for a tummy and 4 big flat feet. It also comes with 3 brightly coloured balls that baby pushes into the mouth in order to watch the balls drop down around the slide and fall out into either of the four feet.

We encourage Raphaella to 'feed the giraffe' he laughs as the ball is passing through. It gives her a great sense of accomplishment watching the ball she put in all by herself, roll all the way round the slide then disappear and wait a few seconds for the SURPRISE!

Which of the four feet the ball will roll onto. My only comment would be that where the tracks of the slide clip together, can cause a ridge and balls have needed to be helped down. However, this is great for encouraging not only her to stand, but to sit and kneel.

There are engaging roller balls on top of his head along with a musical button that lights up when pressed. She can play with all of these by pulling herself up using his ears, which a textured handles. 10/10 from us.


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