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The most haunting Halloween costumes for kids

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Halloween costumes for kids

From the ‘fangtastically’ scary to drop-dead adorable, there are so many different costumes out there for you to pick for your little one. Don’t let this put you off choosing a costume online, you’ll have far better options than in your local supermarket and you’ll be able to hunt around for the best deal.
Dressing your little munchkin up is going to be so much fun! First up is choosing an age-appropriate outfit. If your little one gets frightened easily, swap the trick-or-treating for your own little party and dress them up in costumes like their favourite superhero or a sparkly unicorn
If you consider yourself a bit of a creative and fancy trying to make an outfit, you’ll find lots of spooktacular choices ranging from fabrics to accessories and face paint. There are lots of DIY guides that you can from helpful step-by-step articles to YouTube videos. You can have lots of fun here, really think out of the box and dress them up in like nanny or grandad, food or as their favourite animal. 
Whether you decide on the traditional vampire route or decide on a cute fluffy bunny, it can sometimes be tricky to fit everything in, like shopping around for the best Halloween costume. For all those busy Mums and Dads out there, I’ve got you. Here’s my list of the most haunting Halloween costumes for kids. 


Is it your baby’s first Halloween? If you’re heading to a family party, dress your little girl up in this enchanting pumpkin-themed costume. There are different age ranges to choose from including 0-3 months, 3-6 months and 6-12 months. It’ll carve out the festivities and the perfect excuse for a chilling photoshoot. 

Let your little one become an itsy bitsy spider, just without climbing the water spout. If you’re looking for fancy dress options that are both fuzzy and terrifying, then this will tick all the right boxes. The eight-legged look doesn’t come with spidey senses, but your toddler can give crawling around like an arachnid a go.

Thing Family Shirts

Thing Family Shirts


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If dressing up isn’t really your thing, you can still join in on the action with a matching t-shirt set. Yes, that means that you and your kids can wearing matching outfit. Totally adorable, right? But, why stop there when you can get the whole family involved. All you’ll need is blue wigs and your Cat in the Hat costume is complete.

Sink your teeth into this amazing deal. Don’t stake out this fantastic set, transform your little angel into Count Dracula. It includes a cape with a collar, waistcoat, gloves, band, necklace and shirt. Be warned this is only for little monsters aged 4-12 years. Fangs not included.

Halloween doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy. Take your little one around the block for their first time trick-or-treating in this cute Unicorn costume. Complete with a rainbow unicorn, it even comes with shimmering wings, faux fur and a tail. You’ll be surprised how much use you can get out of using a conventional costume as this can be used at other parties, whatever the season.

What spooktacular costume are you thinking for your little boy or girl? Let us know on Facebook or Twitter!  

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