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How to boost your baby’s brain development through play

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Ever wondered just how much your baby learns from his favourite games? Probably more than you think.

The world is your playground may be a bit of a cliche, but for babies, it really is true. Everything they come across is a potential source of wonder – and fun. Whether giggling at the dog running in the park or finding peek-a-boo endlessly fascinating, discovering wonder in every little part of the life is an important part of learning.

You’ll probably see it in his face as he tries to figure out a new task, from mastering how to point at the toy he <really> wants, to figuring out a tricky shape sorter. Not to mention how quick he figures out how your smartphone (anyone know a baby who hasn’t mastered the ‘slide to open’ technique?). The truth is every game you play is helping your baby’s brain to grow. He’s discovering how to solve problems, learning his first words and understanding cause and effect. Plus, all those role-play games are helping him to learn socialising skills, not to mention freeing his imagination.

Experience the joy of learning with your baby by following his lead, praising him all the time and keeping up the repetition. It really is child’s play!


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