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It's bathtime! 6 products reviewed

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Reader Sarah-Jane, mum to Emily-Rose, four months, tested six products to take the stress out of bathtime. She said: ‘Emily-Rose enjoys baths and I’m looking forward to trying anything that allows a calming bathtime before bedtime. I’m still settling into being a mum!’
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Summer Infant Deluxe Baby Bather, £16.99,

Sarah-Jane said: ‘You can adjust the head rest to make your baby comfy, but I think it will be better suited to Emily-Rose when she has better neck strength and can support herself more.’
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Mothercare Foam Bath Support, £7.99,

Sarah-Jane said: ‘Bathing a newborn can be daunting as they wriggle about, but this moulded to my girl’s body and she loved it. She could play with her bath toys and stay secure.’
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Acqua Bath Support, £22.50,

Sarah-Jane said: ‘This would be best for less active younger babies. I liked the nonslip surface and Emily-Rose fitted well into the support. I’m just not sure how long it’ll last as at four months she already looks big in it.’
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Babies ‘R’ Us Blue Folding Bath Sling, £9.99,

Sarah-Jane said: ‘Great for travelling, but it is small. At just 11 weeks Emily-Rose almost covered it, even though it says it’s for babies up to 9kg. The plus side is that it folds away easily.’
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Puj Tub, £39.99,

Sarah-Jane said: ‘If you bath your baby in the sink, this is the solution for you. It’s small, so a great option to pack into a bag when staying with friends too. It is expensive though.’
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AngelCare Soft-Touch Bath Support, £22.99,

Sarah-Jane said: ‘This is great for everyday use. The drainage system is very clever as there is nowhere for water to collect and it was very easy to clean.’

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