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Last minute Christmas Gifts Ideas

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Last minute Christmas Gifts Ideas

Christmas is around the corner, and there is always one gift you have yet to find. If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our selection of last minute Christmas gift ideas.

Less than 20 pounds

NUK Magic Cup Sippy Cup

NUK Magic Cup Sippy Cup

£6.47 - RRP: £9.50

Nuk is one the most well-known brands for babies in the market, so this is a sippy cup you can trust. The NUK Magic Cup makes the transition from bottle feeding easy.

If you have a toddler that loves Super Mario, this is a cheap and nice gadget to decorate their room. The box makes the same noise from the video game.

This is a cute toy that brings different fabrics, colours, and patterns encouraging discovery for your baby. You can attach it almost everywhere.

This product will provide relief for your breasts. It can be used hot or cold. When cold helps with engorgement and when hot helps with letting the milk down. And another use is while pumping.


A nice cutlery kit is always welcomed. This is an educational 3-piece knife, fork and spoon set that helps your child learn to eat independently. It can be used by children aged 12 months and over.

Less than 30 pounds

You can use this cream all over your body but mostly in your tummy to avoid pregnancy stretch marks and it's also good for your little one. This rub butter is made with organic oils and shea butter.

This is a nice present to help to organize when out and about. The organizer fits a cell phone, a wallet, your keys, and other bits and bobs. Also, you can put your beverage, hot or cold.

This teething gift set comes with a dancing monkey teether, an organic cotton muslin, and a knitted hanging monkey.

More than 50 pounds

This is our winner for Mother & Baby for best changing bag in 2018 and 2019. You can read both reviews to see why it’s the best.


This will make your life so much easier, as it can prepare a baby bottle at the right temperature and volume. You can also use it to control the feeds time.


Vital Baby BabyFood Pro

Vital Baby BabyFood Pro

£77.78 - RRP: £99.99

This also will make your daily routine with your little one smother. This gadget can warm, stream and blend your baby food. You can also heat a baby bottle. 

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