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Laugh & Learn™ Fisher Price Cookie Shape Surprise™

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Putting a hand in this smiling cookie jar rewards baby with fun surprises!

Ages: 6-36 months
Category: Baby Learning Toys

Liane reviews the Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Oliver and his cookie shape surprise

Age at time of testing: 11 months

Oliver absolutely loves playing with the Cookie Shape Surprise (around £17).  He takes the lid off confidently and enjoys putting the shapes in and then taking them back out.

He’s also worked out that he can make the songs play by pressing the buttons, and will then dance along and clap when they’re finished – so sweet! 

My older girls are showing him how to sort the circle, triangle, star and square blocks into the holes, telling him the names of each shape as he plays, which definitely helps his learning.

A real hit with our whole family.


Helen reviews the Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

This Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise (around £17) has been a great addition to Hugo’s toy box. 

The bright jar and flashing nose keep his attention, and he’ll sit quite happily pulling the shapes out of the top and putting them back in to trigger the songs.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Although he can’t sort the shapes yet, the music always makes him smile.  The objects do spend a lot of time in Hugo’s mouth at the moment, so it’s reassuring that they’re a great size for this, and for him to hold onto and wave about.

This is definitely a toy that grows with your baby. Hugo’s sister Charlotte loves it too – she’s an expert at shape sorting and does a little dance to the songs. 


Laura Mason

Laura reviews the Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise, around £17, is a cookie jar toy that comes with five shapes to sort and two musical modes for shapes or numbers. It plays songs when triggered, and says the name of the shape or number when a cookie is sorted correctly. We asked Laura Mason, 34, from Kent, to review it with her son Reuben, six months.

The toy is brightly coloured and feels robust – it’s taken a bit of a battering by Reuben already. He was initially drawn to the cookie jar by the red flashing nose, which when pressed, sings a fun song.

Laugh & Learn™ Cookie Shape Surprise™

Once he lifted the lid and discovered the coloured shapes inside, he spent hours handling – and often trying to eat – them. They are a good size with no sharp corners, and because they are hollow, they’re also light and easy for him to handle.

At the moment Reuben is not yet sorting shapes, but he is reaching inside the top to find them, then banging them together and putting them back in. I can’t wait for him to be able to recognize the shapes a bit more and sort them. It’s both an educational and entertaining toy, which keeps him occupied for a long time. Perfect for when I need to get things done!


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