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Fisher Price Laugh & Learn™ Learning Piggy Bank™

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Count on plenty of learning fun and musical rewards with this delightful friend.

Ages: 6-36 months
Category: Baby Learning Toys
Age at time of testing: 12 months

Sarah reviews the Learning Piggy Bank

The thing I love most about the Learning Piggy Bank (around £17) is how fun it is, especially the ‘oink’ sound when you press the piggy’s red nose – it’s guaranteed to make Mia laugh.

Her favourite feature at the moment is the colourful coins. She really enjoys opening the flap on the side of the piggy and watch them all come tumbling out, and is also starting to enjoy pushing the coins in the slot – with a little help from mum and dad, of course.

Fisher-Price Learning Piggy Bank

The music setting is great as Mia loves the singing and, as she gets older, we’ll use the counting setting to encourage her development.

There are definitely still parts of this toy that Mia is yet to discover, so it’s great she can explore more as she grows.


Fiona Henderson

Fiona reviews the Learning Piggy Bank

The Fisher-Price Learning Piggy Bank, priced around £17, helps your baby learn numbers, colours and animals as you post coins through the piggy’s back and it plays fun sing-along songs.

This is a singing and counting piggy bank with a selection of chunky coloured coins that can be slotted into the piggy's back and then removed from its tummy by opening a flap on the side. When the coins are inserted into the piggy bank, the piggy either sings a song or counts depending on the mode you've chosen.

Callum really loves the music and now that he’s turned one, he’s also mastered inserting the coins. He always looks incredibly pleased with himself when he does it. Like many children he loves trying to post things into whatever he can find, so this is a great toy to channel that particular skill!

The pig also plays a tune when you press its nose and Callum really loves making it sing in this way. It’s proved to be a very popular toy with Callum's little friends and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it for a one year old.


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