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Laugh & Learn™ Fisher Price Love To Play Puppy™

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The big chunky colourful buttons on this cuddly puppy are easy for little fingers to press and the colourful flashing lights and songs encourage baby to try and try again.

Ages: 6-36 months
Category: Baby Learning Toys


Lauren reviews the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

Reviewed at 12 months

The Fisher-Price Love to Play Puppy (RRP around £20) is a great well-rounded interactive toy for Sofia.  It is colourful and fun with lots of different textures, and Sofia’s loves dancing so the songs especially her favourite “head, shoulders, knees and toes”.

The buttons are easy to push and the heart button that lights up really grabs Sofia’s attention.  It is very easy to clean and I love watching Sofia give her new friend puppy a kiss and cuddle before she puts him to bed every night. 


Lucy Lord

Lucy reviews the Laugh & Learn Puppy

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn™ Love to Play Puppy™ is a cuddly play pal for baby that combines two modes of play, learning and musical games with 10 sung songs. In the learning mode - six hot spots on plush puppy will teach the alphabet, body parts and colours through fun phrases and songs.

Then switch to the game mode for fun phrases and sung songs to play along with your baby. We asked Lucy Lord, 26, from Leeds to review it with her daughter Scarlett, ten months.

This toy is a firm favourite in our house. The Laugh & Learn Puppy is so bright and as soon as I showed it to Scarlett she became impatient when I couldn’t unwrap it quickly enough.

With buttons on the puppy's hands feet, tummy and ear there are two different play functions. Your baby can listen to favourite songs such as Incy Wincy Spider or put it into a mode to teach counting and ABCs.

Laugh & Learn™ Love to Play Puppy™

At first I thought I’d need to press buttons all day long for Scarlett, but they were easy for even little fingers to press down. It gives Scarlett a fantastic sense of independence.

As a result, Puppy – or Patch as we call him – comes with us everywhere. Even bed! Now Scarlett is in a forward facing car seat, the Puppy has been the perfect toy to keep her happy on a family drive.

The best bit for me? We recently went to a friend's home and their two year old has her own Laugh & Learn Puppy, so I know that this toy will remain popular with Scarlett for a while yet.’

Tasmin reviews the Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

The Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy, around £19.99, is a cuddly play pal with two modes of play. It has a learningmode and musical games with ten songs.

Tasmin, from South Yorkshire, to test the gym with her daughter, Raphaella. This is what she thought:

You have DEFINITELY got to dance and move, wiggle and grove to this puppy!!

At 9 months this is one of Raphaella's first real big noisy interactive toys. So with it being a little louder than her stacking cups, shape sorters, rattles, plush teddies and play mats she was a little unsure at first… Especially when his ears began to lift up and down.

Our favourite is the frog because it has a handle with two discs underneath. It's ideal for little hands to get a good grip and pull down on. All the toys are big, flat and smooth, so are easily grab-able!

However, as soon as the puppy was out of the box and I'd flicked the volume to the quieter of the two setting she was really intrigued. There is a button on each of the puppy's feet and within a day she had sussed that pressing this caused noise and wiggles. The buttons are a little tricky, for her to push down onto at the moment, something she will be able to do when she's a little older and stronger.

The toy has a range of lovely songs (I'm positive we haven't listened to all of them yet, there's 25 altogether).as well as teaching the ABC and letters, the puppy also says fun phrases, and has a variety of great wiggling movements. The puppy also encourages clapping and blowing kisses, and at 9 months old these are by far Raphaella's favourite features.

The Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy is a solid sturdy toy, which is helping Raphaella become more confident in standing as I can see she wants to move along with him. He has a soft face and paws, and when she is sitting down the puppy is at her eye level which is great for engaging with him (it's also a good height for her to pull him in for a cuddle).


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