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Laugh & Learn™ Fisher Price Say Please™ Tea Set

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Time to share a pot of tea—with two pretty cups, three tasty treats, and plenty of songs, sounds and fun phrases to go around!

Ages: 6-36 months
Category: Baby Learning Toys

Jess reviews the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Reviewing at 9 months old
This tea set (RRP around £17)is a fun addition to our toy box. It's cute, interactive and plays songs and sounds that really capture Mila’s attention. 

I love that you can control the volume, while she is a big fan of dancing around to the tunes! It makes Mila giggle when I pretend to sip tea from the cups or eat the cakes, and then she copies me.

Mila reviews the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

The little tea bag hiding inside is so sweet and she keeps opening and shutting the lid to find it.  We have many pretend tea parties to come!


Lisa and Camilla

Lisa reviews the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

I’ve already had so many compliments on the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set (around £17) and will definitely be buying one for my friend‘s baby. 

Camilla loves it and is completely captivated by the tea pots sounds, which are so cute and friendly. She also enjoys banging the mini cakes together and pretending to eat them.

Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

For me, it’s all about the lovely colours and sweet music, and I’m looking forward to Camilla engaging in more imaginative role play with the set as she grows. 

Her big brother Rory, almost four, is also a fan and has lots of fun playing with the set when his sister’s not looking.

I know it’ll be part of our toy box for a long time to come. 


Kimberley reviews the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

The Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set, around £16.99, teaches numbers and shapes and manners. Kimberley Finn, from Essex, mum to Hazel, reviews Laugh & Learn Say Please Teaset. Here's what she thought...

From the moment I put the Fisher Price® Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set in front of Hazel, she immediately started to clap and laugh. She seems to really enjoy playing with it and the smiley face on the front of the teapot seems to invite her to play.

There are three different play modes that can be functioned by switching the switch near the handle on the right hand side.

The top one is for imagination activities and when active, it gives a really realistic sound of pouring water. It also sounds when the teapot lid is closed.

The next setting is the music mode which makes pleasant melodies every time the tea pot is moved at an angle.

This is good as it entices the child to move the teapot in order to get the reaction of the music. The bottom setting is the learning setting which is fantastic as it teaches manners and imagination at the same time.

When put in the pouring motion it responds with polite phrases such as "you're very welcome" and lots more. This function also responds with words when you pull the lip up and down.

This seems to be Hazel's favourite setting as she likes the voices so I tend to leave it on most of the time. I love the fact that whichever mode the setting is in, you can press the button shaped like a tea bag and different songs are played.

The cakes and the teapots are fun to play with as they slot into the saucer.

This is great for the development as it helps with learning shapes and problem solving.

Overall, the Fisher Price® Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set is very good toy which also teaches baby about numbers, opposites and shapes.

The product is also sturdy which is great as Hazel tends to bang the cakes when trying to fit them into the saucer.


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