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M&B Awards 2016 Toiletries Shortlist

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When it comes to baby toiletries, you want to make sure the products you choose are safe for your little one’s delicate skin. 

All these Shortlisted products have been rigorously tested for the M&B Awards by real mums - using the baby wipes, nappies, and skincare products just like you will. 

Find out which baby toiletries are worth investing in:  

Best Baby Wipe

Asda Little Angels Extra Protection baby wipes   
Jackson Reece Kinder by Nature NATURAL UNSCENTED Baby Wipes  
Mamia Baby Wipes Fragranced     
Mamia Baby Wipes Sensitive - Fragrance Free    
Morrisons Little Big Mild as Water Newborn Wipes        
Pampers New Baby Sensitive Wipes         
Tesco Loves Toddler Sticky Fingers Messy Faces Wipes  

Best Disposable Nappy or Nappy Brand

ASDA Little Angels Supreme Protection    
Boots Baby Super Dry Nappies      
just4bums Mini Disposable Nappies (Size 2)       
Mamia Newborn Nappies   
Mamia Ultra-Dry Nappies   
Morrisons Little Big Stretchi-Fit  
Pampers Baby Dry   
Tesco Loves Baby Super Fit Nappies               

Best Reusable Nappy

Bambino Mio miosolo all-in-one nappy     
bumGenius Freetime   
Ecopipo Adjustable night nappy    
Pop-in New Gen V2 nappy  
TotsBots Bamboozle Stretch           
TotsBots Easyfit        
Wonderoos Real Easy          
Wonderoos V3     

Best Baby Skincare Range/Product

Boots Baby Sensitive Skincare Range        
Childs Farm  
Cussons Mum & Me Baby Bath to Comfort Snuffles
Earth Friendly Baby Range 
Kokoso Baby 
Little Angels Extra Care Skincare   
Love Boo Baby Skincare Range       
Mumma Love Organics Natural Baby Skincare    

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M&B Awards 2016 shortlist

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Sophie studied History at the University of Sheffield and has been in journalism for 16 years. 

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