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My name is Donna Roper

I’m 33 years old and live in Kent and am a full time mum-of-two. I thought I would never be blessed with children - it took me six years and six rounds of IVF to have my first daughter Belle, now two. Then last September I got pregnant naturally with Hannah. This was a magnificent surprise and makes her as special as her older sister if in a different way, as it was something we never expected to happen. She is a beautiful healthy baby – and Belle adores her.

Donna reviews the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Night time Sis

Hannah having a snooze

Age at time of testing: 10 months
Hannah loves falling asleep to the soothing lullabies of the Nighttime Sis (around £20).

And this cuddly puppy’s glowing heart light and relaxing music definitely seems to calm her down if she’s unsettled.

During the daytime, Hannah loves to dance to the playful phrases, while the colourful and friendly face of the puppy really engages her.

And a good plus point for me is that you can machine wash the toy by removing the battery pack.


Donna reviews the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

My First Sippy Cup - RRP £4.99
Heat Sensitive Bowls – RRP £9.99 for 3 pack
Learn To Scoop Spoons – RRP £4.99 for 4 pack
Reviewing at 8 months

The new Fisher-Price feeding range is so colourful and bright that Hannah is immediately drawn to it at mealtimes, and I love how easy it is to clean up after. 

The My First Sippy Cup is well designed, easy to hold and is just the right size for Hannah. We also love the 3 heat sensitive bowls with the rubber handles and colour changing feature.

Hannah tests the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Hannah is just starting to learn to hold a spoon so the Learn to Scoop spoons are great for self-feeding. They are soft and flexible making them very gentle on a teething baby’s mouth.

I do find they work better on stodgy foods rather than puree. I would definitely recommend these products to other mums.


Donna reviews the Fisher-Price Clean n’ Go Booster Seat

Age at time of testing: 7 months

Hannah loves her new Clean 'n Go Booster seat (around £27). She’s now eating solids and it means she can sit right next to her big sister at mealtimes.

With a sturdy base and secure high back, the seat can go on the floor as well as a chair, and is shaped nicely for comfort.

Hannah tests the Fisher-Price Clean n’ Go Booster Seat

I also like the way the tray comes off easily and can be put in different positions – plus, it’s a good size so your baby can’t push food on the floor, especially if you’re doing baby-led weaning.

The seat has a wipes holder attached, is easy to clean and folds flat – perfect for taking to a friend’s house.


Donna reviews the Discover N Grow Jumperoo

Age at time of testing: five months

At five and a half months, Hannah doesn’t want to lie on a mat anymore and, as she has silent reflux, the Discover n’ grow Jumperoo (around £110) is great for keeping her upright.

Hannah loves bouncing to the music, which helps strengthen her upper body and legs. She’s also a big fan of the colourful toys – her favourites are the frog teether and giraffe. And I’m sure it won't be long before she works out how to play the piano.

Discover n’ grow Jumperoo

The different height settings will be useful as Hannah grows and when she’s on the move, I know the bouncer will keep her safe if I need to do something quickly in the house.

It’s a well thought out toy, very easy to put together and the washable seat cover is a huge plus. Definitely worth the money.


Donna reviews the Starlight Mobile

Age at time of testing: four months

I’ve started putting a daytime sleep routine in place for Hannah, so the Starlight Mobile (around £35) has come at the perfect time to help settle her.

The mobile’s super easy to put together and Hannah loves watching the turning teddies and stars reflect on the ceiling – they’ll generally always help her nod off. Music plays at the same time and there’s also the option to have nature sounds.

Starlight Mobile

Although Hannah’s a bigger fan of the music right now, I like that there’s variety to keep her entertained.

The lights then fade with the music when she’s dropped off. Overall, a great baby sleep product.


Donna reviews the Woodsy Friends Bouncer

Age at time of testing: four months

The Fisher-Price Woodsy Friends Bouncer (around £43) is a well-designed chair that my daughter Hannah loves sitting in.

The bouncer has a very sensible multi-coloured cover that doesn't show marks and comes off easily to be washed. The chair is light so can be moved around from room to room, and I found it really easy to get Hannah into the chair with the toy bar on, unlike other bouncer brands.

Woodsy Friends Bouncer

The toy bar comes complete with an owl and apples, which really captivates Hannah. But at three months, she isn't yet at the point where she can pull the owl to make the music come on.

This will be something she’ll definitely enjoy as she gets older and will keep her entertained. Hannah will still happily sit in the chair while I make dinner or have a shower, which is a lifesaver. Plus, her older sister also enjoys bouncing Hannah in the chair.

Overall, I’d highly recommend this chair to friends and family, as it seems good value for money, and is sturdy and well-designed.

Woodsy Friends Bouncer


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