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Gabrielle Dennehy, 21, mum to Elliott, 10 months and Zachary, 2

We live quite a busy lifestyle, myself, Elliott and his big brother Zachary like to venture out most days and see new places.

We don’t have a car so we do a lot of walking. Our favourite destinations are animal centres, parks and beaches!

I work two days a week and this is when the boys get to stay at home with my husband for some Daddy daycare.

Milton at home

I used the combi every day after my son had gone to bed. It was easy to use and quick, too. I used the fluids in my kitchen, bathroom, dining room several times daily.

All in all, I found Milton products great and they smell clean and are easy to use and I will definitely keep using them. The dummy steriliser was fantastic and has saved us taking several soothers out or buying more on the go. Having handy wipes to sterilise trays and tables before we eat is fantastic, too.

I like the clean smell of Milton products and I will definitely recommend them to my friends.

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