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My name is Jess Maccio

I'm 28 years old and work for a digital marketing agency in Leeds, but I’m currently on maternity leave until early next year. I live with my husband, four-month-old daughter Mila, two Dutch rabbits and our first baby, our dog Lupo!

Mila is changing everyday and becoming quite vocal about what she likes and dislikes, so is proving to be a good toy tester. We spend most of our time trying to make her smile and giggle, as she's been giving us lovely gummy grins since she was six weeks old. She is very lucky to have doting grandparents, uncles and aunties who make a lovely fuss of her and together we are all looking forward to watching her grow up.

Jess reviews the Laugh & Learn Sing a Song Medical Kit

Age at time of testing: 11 months

The Medical Kit (around £20) has fast become one of Mila's favourite toys. It has loads of fun features such as songs and phrases, but the simple fact the bag can be opened and shut is enough to keep her amused.

At 11 months, Mila has the strength to do this on her own now which is great to see, and she often holds the kit as she crawls along the floor.

She loves the toys (including a stethoscope and thermometer) that come with the kit – each makes a different noise such as rattling or squeaking.

A really lovely toy for imaginative play.


Jess reviews the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Reviewing at 9 months old
This tea set (RRP around £17)is a fun addition to our toy box. It's cute, interactive and plays songs and sounds that really capture Mila’s attention. 

Mila reviews the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

I love that you can control the volume, while she is a big fan of dancing around to the tunes! It makes Mila giggle when I pretend to sip tea from the cups or eat the cakes, and then she copies me.

The little tea bag hiding inside is so sweet and she keeps opening and shutting the lid to find it.  We have many pretend tea parties to come!


Jess reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the 3-in-1 Spout Sippy Cup, Multi Grip Suction Plates and Learn to Scoop Spoons

Age at time of testing: seven to nine months

Mila has developed a healthy appetite, so the feeding range has been really useful.

The Sippy cup (around £4.50) has two sturdy handles for her little hands to grab, and you can vary the flow with the different spouts.

Mila enjoying her meal

Mila’s eating with her hands more now and the plates (around £9.99) attach firmly to her high chair tray – great for when she's older and you don’t want your food ending up on the floor!

With non-slip rubber handles, the ridged design of the spoons (around £4.99) makes food less likely to fall off and I'm sure it won't be long before she's using them herself.

Even after washing the items every day in the dishwasher, they look brand new.

The NEW Fisher-Price feeding range is available from March in Boots.


Jessica reviews the Evolve Highchair

Age at time of testing: five to seven months

As soon as Mila could sit up comfortably, we started getting her used to the Evolve Highchair (around £85). She’s a good eater so now gets excited when we strap her in ready for mealtimes.  

The highchair’s well designed in that it’s very secure with a tall and supportive back, five-point harness and a comfortable padded seat. Both the seat and back are removable – it‘s so important to be able to take a highchair apart as weaning is a very messy process! 

Fisher Price Evolve Highchair

What I particularly like is that the height of the legs can be adjusted and that the tray has two depth options – great for growing tummies.

The tray clicks into place easily but can be trickier to remove sometimes, so at least we know Mila won’t be able to pull it off.

Overall, this is a sturdy highchair that’s easy to clean and will last us a long time. I’d definitely recommend it to other parents.  


Jessica reviews the Baby’s 1st Doll

Age at time of testing: six months

I wasn’t a fan of dolls when I was little, so was curious to see whether Mila liked the My First Doll (around £10).

Baby’s 1st Doll

Fortunately, she did! It’s super soft and a great shape for her little hands. I tend to show it to her by holding it above her head and shaking it to make the rattle noise. She always gets very excited.

It’s also been good for tummy time – I hold it in front of her and she’ll reach forward to grab it.

Mila’s teething right now, so everything is going in her mouth. Needless to say, so far this doll has survived some serious gnawing.

A great value toy that would make a perfect gift.


Jessica reviews the Infant to Toddler Rocker

Age at time of testing: six months

I managed to put the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker together myself – if you’ve ever seen my attempts at assembling flat-pack, you’d know this must be really easy! The clear instructions meant we had it up and ready to use within 15 minutes, much to our daughter’s delight.

Infant to Toddler Rocker

Mila loves the multi-coloured design and, after strapping her in using the click harness, she soon discovered she could make the chair rock herself. It took a day or so for her to learn how to pull the frog to make the music play and, as any parent will know, you’ll soon find yourself humming the tune when it’s not playing.

When it gets to nap time, she falls asleep easily in the chair when we turn on the battery operated vibration setting.

Infant to Toddler Rocker

The chairs costs around £55, and as we’ve been using it about twice a day for a few weeks now, we feel it’s worth every penny. In fact, I’d go as far as to say it’s our new baby essential.


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