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My name is Lauren Gallagher

I’m 32 years old and live in Surrey, looking after my little girl Sofia who is five months old. I’ve loved spending quality time with her while on maternity leave from my job as an events manager.

Sofia has always been a very inquisitive baby.  She is always interested in discovering the next ‘best thing’ that she can get her hands on, so we're constantly looking for the next new thing to keep her occupied and learning. We are lucky enough to have family close by who are very supportive and love spending time together.

Lauren reviews the Little People Fun Sounds Farm

Sofia running the farm

Age at time of testing: 14 months

The Little People Fun Sounds Farm (around £40) is a fantastic toy for Sofia. This classic play set features adorable farm animals that are great for helping her learn the different noises they make.

Sofia running the farm

There are also farmyard doors that open with a moo or a neigh. Sofia finds it very funny when she puts farmer Eddie and the animals down the slide and is fascinated by the chicken at the top of the barn.

I love the fact that every day Sofia discovers something new to do with this set, and look forward to seeing her have even more fun with it.


Lauren reviews the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Love to Play Puppy

Reviewed at 12 months

The Fisher-Price Love to Play Puppy (RRP around £20) is a great well-rounded interactive toy for Sofia.  It is colourful and fun with lots of different textures, and Sofia’s loves dancing so the songs especially her favourite “head, shoulders, knees and toes”.

The buttons are easy to push and the heart button that lights up really grabs Sofia’s attention.  It is very easy to clean and I love watching Sofia give her new friend puppy a kiss and cuddle before she puts him to bed every night. 


Lauren reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the Heat Sensitive Bowls, On the Go Fork & Spoon Set and 2 Grip Travel Sippy cup

Age at time of testing: 11 months

What I love most about this range is the design of the products – everything’s lightweight, and so easy to use and clean.

Sofia’s favourite is the travel Sippy cup (around £4.99), which folds away and doesn’t leak, no matter how much it’s tipped upside down! I’m so impressed with it.

Sofia reviews the NEW Fisher-Price feeding range

Meanwhile the heat-sensitive bowls (around £7.99) are ideal for making sure your baby’s food is at the right temperature – and Sofia likes the bright colours, which help keep her engaged at mealtimes.

And we’ve found that the fork and spoon set (around £2.99) is perfect for travelling as it’s so compact.

The NEW Fisher-Price feeding range is available from March in Boots.


Lauren & Sofia - Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Count & Colour Gumball Machine

Age at time of testing: eight months

There’s nothing cuter than seeing Sofia start beaming when she’s playing with the colourful Laugh & Learn Gumball Machine (around £25).

Every time the music begins and lights flash, she bounces with excitement, dances along to the tunes and taps the balls together to make her own music.

She’s now worked out how to drop the balls into the top of the machine and pull the lever to release them and activate the music.

I like that as well as having fun, she’s also learning about colours and numbers.

I’d definitely recommend this to my mum friends – it keeps Sofia entertained for ages and we’re looking forward to having even more fun with it.


Lauren & Sofia - Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse

Age at time of testing: eight months
The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse (around £17) is a lightweight, compact toy. It’s perfect for travelling, as it’s easy to pack into the changing bag and the material allows it to be wiped clean.

'You can tell by the colour that it’s a very girlie item, but everything inside the purse – mobile phone, mirror, card, car keys and bracelet – is fun for all children to play with. They’re a good size, easy to pick up and the different shapes and textures really appealed to Sofia.

Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse

The mobile phone was her favourite, as it has a picture on it and rattles when you shake it. The different music settings and learning tools are fantastic too, and Sofia soon grasped pushing the button to set off the music.

Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Purse

As Sofia gets a little older, I’m looking forward to her finding the handbag aspect of the product a little more interesting. She does smile and jig along to the music but, as she grows and develops, I can see her filling it up with all kinds of things and carrying it everywhere she goes.’

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