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My name is Liane Chalmers

I’m 36 years old am a busy stay-at-home mum to Emily, five, Maisie three, and Oliver, who was born in April this year. Being a third baby, Oliver’s learnt to be a very patient little baby as he often has to wait his turn while I get the girls to school and playgroup everyday.

This also means pick-ups at 1pm and 3pm so Oliver is used to being carted around on the mum run and often has to get his sleep while we’re on the go. I am loving being a tester as it will be nice to have a mini project just for him.

Liane reviews the Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Oliver and his cookie shape surprise

Age at time of testing: 11 months

Oliver absolutely loves playing with the Cookie Shape Surprise (around £17).  He takes the lid off confidently and enjoys putting the shapes in and then taking them back out.

He’s also worked out that he can make the songs play by pressing the buttons, and will then dance along and clap when they’re finished – so sweet! 

My older girls are showing him how to sort the circle, triangle, star and square blocks into the holes, telling him the names of each shape as he plays, which definitely helps his learning.

A real hit with our whole family.


Liane reviews the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Soft Grip Spoons – RRP £4.99
Heat Sensitive Bowls - RRP £9.99 for a 4 pack
Stack N Store Sippy Cup - RRP £4.99

Oliver loves the bright colours and instantly picked up one of the cute vegetable design soft grip spoons.  He handled it easily and managed to get it into his mouth first time, although he did prefer chewing the soft handle after that! 

The heat sensitive bowls make warming food much less of a guessing game which is great, but Oliver can tolerate quite warm foods so sometimes the food was a bit too lukewarm for him. 

Fisher-Price Feeding Range

The easy Stack & Store cups are a great idea as my cupboard is overflowing with cups, and Oliver quickly took to holding the handles and drinking from the cup himself – just waiting for him to tip the cup up himself.

Overall the range is really helping Oliver become more independent at mealtimes.


Liane reviews the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click n Learn Remote

Age at time of testing: nine months
This Click ‘n Learn Remote (around £10) was a hit from the moment I gave it to Oliver. It’s light enough for him to hold, robust enough to be chewed and the flashing light really keeps him engaged.

Oliver tests the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Click n Learn Remote

As for the sounds, Oliver was pretty amazed by the fact that he could press the button to start the noises and then press it again to change them.

The remote now goes almost everywhere with him. It calms him down straight away when he gets agitated and the songs are so catchy that my three and five year old sing them to their little brother when the remote’s out of reach.

It’s worth every penny.


Liane reviews the Lion Stacker

Age at time of testing: seven months

At first, Oliver would watch the lights and listen to the music as I helped stack the rings.

Now, he’s grabbing the rings and has begun to develop hand or dexterity skills. Plus, they double up as handy teethers!

Fisher-Price Lion Stacker

One of the things I love most about the toy is how it’s encouraged bonding between Oliver and his older sister, as she loves playing with it with him.

He always laughs when she stacks the rings and sets off the music. The Lion Stacker has been a huge hit all round in our house. 


Liane reviews the Discover n’ Grow Jumperoo

Age at time of testing: six months

The Discover n’ Grow Jumperoo (around £110) is perfect when I need a bit of hands-free time. It lets me feel confident that Oliver’s safe and entertained while I get on with my chores.

Discover n’ Grow Jumperoo

The Jumperoo is easy to assemble and Oliver immediately bounces up and down and starts giggling when I show him the lights and sounds on the keyboard. I also love the fact the bouncer lets him move more freely than when he’s being held or lying on the floor.

I wasn’t sure about the price at first, but seeing the use we get out of it (Oliver’s in there twice a day!) and how much my son loves it, it’s totally worth it. He’s very happy – which makes for one happy and relaxed mum.


Liane reviews the Discover n’ Grow Newborn to Toddler Rocker

Age at time of testing: Four months

Assembling the Fisher-Price Discover n’ Grow Newborn to Toddler Rocker (around £70) was very straightforward. The chair also looks good – it’s not too bright and the toys are eye-catching, yet simple.

Being able to fold the chair almost flat was great, as space in our house is at a premium. You can’t reassemble the rocker one-handed though, but that’s only a small issue.

Discover n’ Grow Newborn to Toddler Rocker

Oliver now happily sits in this chair and amuses himself, but it did take us a while to find the right setting for him and get used to it. The newborn level was too flat for him as, at four months he wants to see what is going on, so the level where the back is fully extended and upright is better.

As the rocking motion isn’t his favourite, we tend to use the fixed leg setting.  He loves the toys and can now reach them himself – he’s teething, so he always tries to put them in his mouth.

Overall, this is a well-made rocker. With so many different ways to use it, it should last a long time.


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