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My name is Lisa Palompo

I’m 30 years old and live in Glasgow, where I run my own freelance PR consultancy. Yes, I’m a pro at juggling work around the kids’ nap times. My youngest daughter is called Camilla but we sometimes call her CC as her full name is Camilla Catherine. She is such a content baby and spends lots of time watching her big brother, Rory, who is now three years old. She’s a real water baby too – we go swimming every week and she shrieks with delight when she’s in the bath.

Lisa reviews the Fisher-Price Lion Walker

Fisher-Price Lion Walker

Age at time of testing: 12 months

Camilla just loves her Lion Walker! (around £30) With bright colours and fun tunes, what's not to love? 

She really enjoys sitting playing with it like an interactive activity centre, perfect for her wee hands and inquisitive nature.

The mirror and little spinning parts are her favourite bits of the walker at the moment and she can spend hours mesmerized!

Now that Camilla is 1 she also enjoys pushing it around the house and bobbing her head to the songs. 

I like that it is a compact size, easy to transport and best of all it has two settings on volume.


Lisa reviews the Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Lamp

Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Lamp

Reviewing at 11 months

What a super cute lamp!  (RRP around £20)Camilla was mesmerized from the moment she saw it and is always happy when she is playing with it.

Camilla reviews Laugh & Learn My Pretty Learning Lamp

The songs and tunes captivate her, and she has gone from bobbing her head up and down, to clapping her hands to the rhymes, to now pressing the buttons to make the lamp light up.

With its sweet colours, this is a lovely toy that Camilla actively seeks it out from the toy basket and it would also make a great gift.


Lisa reviews the NEW Fisher-Price Feeding Range, including the Stack and Store Sippy Cup, Multi Grip Suction Set and Soft Grip Spoons

Age at time of testing: 10 months

The bold primary colours of the feeding set are so eye catching and grab Camilla’s attention instantly at mealtime.

The clever and easy stacking design of the cup set (around £7.49) is brilliant, and a real spacer saver, while the plastic spoons (around £4.99) are strong but soft on her tender gums.

She likes to chew them when she’s finished her meal, too, which is great for teething.

Camilla enjoying her Sippy Cup

The suckers on the bowl and plate (around £9.99) are perfect for helping Camilla feed herself – they safely stick to the highchair and thankfully are impossible for her to remove. Plus, the whole set is dishwasher safe. Genius! We’ll use the range for years to come.

The NEW Fisher-Price feeding range is available from March in Boots.


Lisa reviews the  Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

Age at time of testing: Eight months

I’ve already had so many compliments on the Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set (around £17) and will definitely be buying one for my friend‘s baby. 

Camilla loves it and is completely captivated by the tea pots sounds, which are so cute and friendly. She also enjoys banging the mini cakes together and pretending to eat them.

Laugh & Learn Say Please Tea Set

For me, it’s all about the lovely colours and sweet music, and I’m looking forward to Camilla engaging in more imaginative role play with the set as she grows. 

Her big brother Rory, almost four, is also a fan and has lots of fun playing with the set when his sister’s not looking. I know it’ll be part of our toy box for a long time to come. 


Lisa reviews the Discover n’ Grow Jumbo Playmat

Age at time of testing: Seven months

The Discover n’ Grow Jumbo Playmat (around £43) really brightens up the room, but isn’t garish at all.

Discover n’ Grow Jumbo Playmat

Camilla loves the clip-on toys and they’re great for tummy time. I took it out in the garden during the summer, as it’s big enough to give CC space to play and also me to sit.

In  the lounge the mat covers a good area to protect the carpet from inevitable baby mess and I don’t have to worry about the mat getting dirty as it’s machine washable and tumble dries. I've also taken it to friends’ houses and on holiday as it’s very light, easy to fold and transport.

Discover n’ Grow Jumbo Playmat

Overall, this mat’s a great addition to our home.


Lisa reviews the Infant to Toddler Rocker

Age at time of testing: Six months

The first thing that struck me about the Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Rocker (around £54) is the lovely bright patterns – it’s not the usual print you see on baby products, and it brightens up any space. 

Infant to Toddler Rocker

The material is really easy to wipe clean - always a bonus with babies! The chair is very light, so can be transported from room to room with ease. This is important as I have a toddler as well, so Camilla is always being moved about while I take Rory to the toilet, answer the door or cook. 

Camilla always kicks her legs in anticipation of being strapped into the seat, which is very cute. And at six months she is now actively grabbing at the toys on the toy bar and has even made the music play by herself. I even attached extra toys to the toy bar for added fun.

Infant to Toddler Rocker

This is a great rocker and the quality is excellent, so I don’t have any concerns that it won’t last.

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