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My name is Stefanie Daniels

I’m 33 years old and live in Hertfordshire and am currently on maternity leave from my job as an Advertising Manager at a publishing company. My first son Jonny was born in May. Even though my world has been turned upside down by having a baby, I am loving every minute of it. I love spending each day getting to know my son a little bit more.

Stef reviews the Laugh & Learn Peek-a-Boo Toaster

Johnny with his toaster

Age at time of testing: 10 months

The Peek-a-Boo Toaster (around £13) is a cute toy that has a pop-up action and light to keep Johnny entertained.

He can press down on the toast to hear learning songs about numbers, letters and shapes, and then see it pop back up.

Plus, the slider has different number settings to help him learn how to count. Johnny has a limited attention span and doesn’t play with this for too long, but it’s so cute and educational that I’d definitely recommend it to friends.


Stef reviews the Fisher-Price Feeding Range

Johnny has some lunch

3 in 1 Spout Sippy Cup – RRP £4.50
Heat Sensitive Bowls – RRP £9.99 for a 3 pack
Learn to Scoop Spoons - £4.99 for a 4 pack

Reviewing at 9 months

We are big fans of this colourful and bright Fisher-Price feeding range! The Heat Sensitive Bowls are definitely my favourite item as they make mealtimes much easier.

It is so helpful to know straight away when the food is ready for Johnny to eat.  The 3 in 1 Spout Sippy Cup is great value with three modes that can change with Johnny as he grows. 

The leak proof valve prevents spills and is great for on-the-go, while the removable handles are perfect for Johnny’s little hands. 

Johnny having a snack

The Learn To Scoop spoons have been great to help teach Johnny to feed himself and the soft ridges are gentle on gums but keep soft foods from flying off. 

The whole range is dishwasher safe, and easy to store and I have already recommended it to all my friends.


Stef reviews the Laugh & Learn Night Time Pal

age at time of testing: 8 months

The Laugh and Learn Night Time Pal (around £20) has become an essential part of Johnny's bedtime routine.

He starts his evening wind down after his bath and milk, and the soothing lullaby that lasts for 10 minutes is a big help with this.

Johnny test the Laugh & Learn Night Time Pal

This product also plays songs and makes noises to encourage your baby to feel sleepy, while the heart lights up to emit a soft, soothing glow.

There are two volume levels to choose from, which is useful for us as Johnny's cot is within earshot.

The added bonus? The battery pack is easily removed so you can put it in the washing machine. We all love it.


Stef reviews the Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

Age at time of testing: five months

Easy to assemble, store and keep clean, the Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym (around £64) is one of Johnny's favourite toys and we use it every day.  

The gym has three types of music – the calming sounds of the rainforest and two songs. One song sets off lights so you can create a mini baby disco.

Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym

It’s lovely to watch the wonder on Johnny's face whenever I play the music or he sees the lights. 

What I love most about this gym is that it really does grow with your baby. At first Johnny used to lie on the mat just staring at all the animals and listening to the sounds, and now he reaches out and grabs the animals as well as having long baby ‘conversations’ with them.

I have a feeling this gym will be in the family for a long time.


Stef reviews the Rainforest Musical Mobile

Age at time of testing: five months

This has become our pre-naptime baby essential. The Rainforest Musical Mobile (around £50) features monkeys, birds and leaves that appear to float up and down as the mobile turns.

Johnny loves staring at the flashing lights and hanging toys, while the remote is a great addition for me as I can turn it off without going into his room and disturbing him.

I also feel like I'm doing my bit to help turn my son into a musical genius too, as the mobile moves to the sounds of Bach, Mozart, Beethoven – or the calming rainforest!

Lots of friends have commented on how much they like this mobile, so I’d definitely recommend it.


Stef reviews the Discover ‘n Grow Bouncer

Age at time of testing: four months

The Fisher-Price Discover ‘n Grow Bouncer (around £50) was easy to assemble and only took 10 minutes to put up. It feels very safe and holds Johnny well, even though he's quite a sturdy baby!

Discover ‘n Grow Bouncer

The chair doesn't fold down so can’t really be stored out of the way. However, it’s light enough to easily move into other rooms. At the moment, Johnny doesn’t seem to notice the vibrations and prefers to play when he’s in the rocker. He loves the teething rings (which are on one of the arms), and he constantly grabs them, trying to get them into his mouth.

He’s recently discovered that, when he pulls the other toy, it plays a tune. As part of the toy bar, there’s also a Monkey and Giraffe that Johnny can reach up for.

Unfortunately, Johnny has now reached the maximum weight recommended for this bouncer so he won't have much more time to explore it. But I’ll definitely be storing the chair away for a second baby and would have no hesitation in recommending it to other mums.

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