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Parents of children crushed by furniture call for simple yet crucial safety measures

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Clippasafe Anti-Tip TV Straps

Tall and heavy items like wardrobes, can pose a significant threat to children, in particular to young toddlers who like to explore and climb. As we’ve seen in the news recently, the effects of furniture falling on toddlers can be fatal and tragic, but it’s a risk that needn’t be taken with the right precautions in place to support heavy, unsturdy items.

Parents of several children who have died in such tragedies, are themselves calling for safety measures to be taken to prevent these accidents from happening to other children. Potentially dangerous items of furniture (and those which have already caused fatalities) include chests of drawers, wardrobes, shelving units and also televisions; which since they are now so narrow, are much more unstable and liable to tip.

All of these items can be secured with simple to fit anchor straps, that help to stabilise tall and heavy piece of furniture, fixing them firmly to the wall so they are less likely to fall. These Anti-Tip Furniture Straps and Anti-Tip TV Straps from Clippasafe are easy to fit and cause minimal damage to walls and the hidden, rear sides of furniture. It’s a simple measure that could save the lives of curious toddlers who are innocently exploring their surroundings, unaware of potential hazards.

Roger Cheetham, Managing Director of child safety specialist company Clippasafe, introduced these products in the wake of such disasters and urges parents not to wait until it’s too late. “If you’ve got a heavy piece of furniture that’s taller than it is wide or deep, don’t just assume it will be ok. Children are relentless in their quest for adventure and they don’t see danger. These types of items can topple easier than you’d think and even a modern, slim TV is heavy enough to kill. Don’t wait until an injury or worse happens, to regret not putting an easy precaution in place. Act today and you could save the life of your child.”

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