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This genius children's party planning hack is a LIFE SAVER

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We all want to give our children a birthday to remember, but who has the time to spend weeks planning the perfect party? From the place, to the guests, to decoration, food and entertainment... the list is endless. 

Don't even get us started on party bags.

But that’s not all, competition amongst parents can be cut-throat. Someone is always throwing the coolest, or most lavish birthday party in the group. The bar keeps getting higher and it can be hard to keep up.

Introducing Party In A Box, a solution to all your children's party woes and will save you time, money (and your sanity!), so you can finally finish that book you started three years ago. 

The concept is exactly what the moniker suggests. You chose a theme (from Disney princesses to Thomas The Tank Engine), select your party size and then a box of party entertainment, plates, cups and every last party detail swiftly arrives. No more hunting around your local shopping centre on a Saturday morning looking for an Avengers party bag. 

Maria, a mum of a two-year-old, explains where the idea came from, “As a full-time working mum, I barely have time to breath, let alone organizing my son’s birthday parties. That’s why Party In A Box is so exceptional: just a few clicks and everything you need for a themed party arrives straight to your door. We have thought of everything, from high quality decorations to party games and prizes. We even include the Blu Tack so you really don’t have to think of anything!”

Now, you might think all this convenience comes at a price, but that's not the case. Hallelujah.  

Maria continues, “Our aim was not only to save time, but also provide quality products. By partnering up with the best manufacturers in the UK we have managed to not only keep our quality promise, but also make significant savings that we pass on to our customers.”

In comparison to buying the products individually, the party boxes are significantly cheaper. With Party In A Box you are saving time and money!

The company’s aim is to bring back the fun to birthday parties, not just for kids but for parents alike. Their commitment is to help other busy parents like them to create unforgettable memories with their children, completely hassle-free. So next time you are cursing the latest Disney craze, or superhero remake that made your little one ask you for an Avengers party, stop by and use your spare time where it really matters.

Check out Party In A Box here. 

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