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Rainforest™ Open-Top Cradle Swing

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Baby takes a relaxing swing (side-to-side or front-to-back) as she watches plush rainforest friends in the mobile above play “peek-a-boo” among the leaves.

Stephanie reviews the Discover n Grow Jumbo Playmat

The Fisher-Price Discover n Grow Jumbo Playmat, around £40 is a comfy place to relax—with plenty of room to explore! Baby can lay and play, or enjoy tummy time fun, playing with toys like a crinkle ear elephant, froggy rattle, fish clackers and more.

Extra loops let you bring your own linkable toys to the mat (sold separately), adding even more fun! Folds easily for use on-the-go. We chose Stephanie Guzman to review it with her son, Dominic. Here's what she thought:

Dominic is getting more and more mobile (by the day, it sometimes seems!) and I found that some of the kit we had at home was getting in Dominic's way.

The mat he mostly lays on is not quite big enough to contain all his wiggling and squirming, and sometimes when he tried to roll over one of the bars from his gym got in the way.

When I first saw the jumbo playmat I thought it looked like it would solve a few of these problems. The second thing I thought was they really weren't kidding – it certainly is jumbo! For all his wriggling Dominic hasn't ended up rolling off.

It is beautifully padded with colourful pictures of animals printed on it. There are interesting, noisy flaps that little hands can grab as well as detachable toys that can be moved to different places on the mat. For a baby, it is a very stimulating place to be!

We started well, and the first time I lay Dominic on he did his very first roll from his back to his front (cue massive excitement!). He seems to really like it, and will even spend longer on his tummy on it than he will elsewhere.

I'm not sure if it's the patterns, the detachable toys or the mat itself, but he's very comfortable. He also especially likes the mirror and the noisy elephant ear, and I often hear him crinkling away! This mat came to us at just the right time, allowing Dominic the space and freedom to encourage his movement. However, it's also a lovely place for him to just play!

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