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10 baby products you really don’t need

10 baby products you really don’t need

Yes, babies need a lot of stuff. You’ll thank your lucky stars some clever folk invented some of the baby products out there, but others, well, there’s probably a good reason why you didn’t even know they existed. Willy wigwam, anyone?

That’s why we’ve put together a list of baby gadgets and products you shouldn’t invest in because you really DON’T need them.

Wipe warmers
Top and tail bowl
Nappy disposal bin
Car charging bottle warmer
Fabric sling
Loads of newborn clothes
Cot bumper sets
Baby knee pads 
Baby shoes
Pee-pee teepee

1. Wipe warmers

Even if there was such a thing as a discerning baby bottom, could they tell the difference between a room-temperature wipe and a pre-heated one? And have you ever seen (or heard of) a baby wailing in protestation because mean old mummy scrimped on a wipe warmer and simply used warm water and cotton wool, instead. No? No.

2. Top and tail bowl

Designed so you don’t accidentally clean baby’s top half with water that’s been used to wash their tail end, the top and tail bowl could be useful.Or, you could just wash baby’s top first and tail last in the sink or baby bath…

3. Nappy disposal bin

Some swear by its smell-trapping abilities as it turns each used nappy into a little shrink-wrapped sausage, but beware - it’s an ongoing investment. Nappy disposal bins need refill cartridges and when you’re getting through 7-10 nappies a day, you’ll be forking out a fair few quid over the years. Nappy sacks tied tightly and disposed of in a bin emptied regularly will do the job just as well.

4. Car charging bottle warmer

Now while we understand that some babies do like their milk warm, the car charger ones just aren’t worth the hassle. They take so long to warm a bottle(if they manage it at all) that you might as well rub it between your hands for 10 minutes for the same effect.

5. Fabric sling

This should be so straightforward. Fold up sling and put on as per instructions. Pop baby in. Baby happily snoozes, while you have two hands free to actually get things done. Only it isn’t. It’s eons of wrestling and tying, swearing and crying. If you have boundless patience and dexterity, or you’re an origami master, get one. Otherwise, get a baby carrier that’s already assembled.

6. Loads of newborn clothes

The average baby in the UK weighs 7lb 8oz at birth and after a common initial weight loss, puts on around 1oz a day. That means they reach 9lb, the size at which they grow out of newborn clothes, in around 3 weeks. Try and buy a spread of sizes so you’re not left with loads of cute but useless unworn babygros.

7. Cot bumper sets

While it’s tempting to splash out on a gorgeous cot bumper set that matches the curtains and fits with your theme, resist! They may look pretty, but the only benefit of them is to please your eyes. Plus, safety experts don’t recommend them, because it’s possible for babies to get tangled up in the fastenings, or overheat. It may look prison cell bare, but the safest way for baby to sleep is without any loose bedding or bumpers.

8. Baby knee pads

Watching your little one crawling over the tiled kitchen floor bare-kneed may make you wince, but babies have squishy little knees that are up to the job. If you have a particularly abrasive floor and/or a baby who will actually keep them on, knee pads could be worth the money, but otherwise, save your cash, they’ll be on their feet in no time.

9. Baby shoes

They are sooooo cute! Just like Daddy’s! And they may be. But even though it feels weird leaving the house with one of your number shoeless, your baby doesn’t need anything to protect their feet from those grubby old paving stones before they can walk. Save your money for their school years when you’ll be wishing you’d bought shares in Clarks instead.

10. Pee-pee teepee

Also known as the willy wigwam, yes, they really exist. Experienced mums know that the second boys’ bits are exposed to fresh air during a nappy change, they decide to pee. So, to spare your clothes and any immediate soft furnishings, the pee-pee teepee was invented to pop over your little one to catch the sprinkle. Amusing? Yes. Necessary? Not so much.

What did you buy but never use, or wish you’d never bought? Tell us in the comments area below.

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