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Asda Microwave Steriliser Bags - Tried and Tested

Microwave bags

Tested by mum Lori Sheldon

I was excited to try these as I have never used sterilising bags before – at first glance, the packaging was really clear and told me exactly what I needed to see. The instructions were easy to follow, as were the tick boxes to record the number of times the bags had been used – this is a really great idea. I will definitely use these bags both at home and when out and about without my electric steriliser – I love that I can just fold these bags up and keep one in my changing bag. I would 100% recommend these to other mums and will definitely be buying them again in the future.

Tested by mum Danielle Andrews

My initial reaction when receiving the sterilising bags was that the packaging was spot on – having never used bags before, I found the instructions were clear and broken down well. It was helpful that these instructions were repeated on each of the bags too. The tick boxes were a great addition and I would definitely recommend these bags to parents of young children who are travelling and cannot take a sterilising unit with them.

Tested by mum Joanne Hagon

I found these sterilising bags to be extremely useful, especially the tick boxes which are a godsend for a mum of a young child. I would use these bags both at home, for sterilising dummies and other accessories, and to have in my bag for bottles when out of the house. Being a busy parent, I am always on the lookout for products that can help reduce the stress and time required for the simple, yet essential tasks. Asda’s Little Angels Microwave Sterilising Bags most certainly do this. The ease of use is great, meaning that even when I am super tried, my baby’s bottles and dummies are sterilised easily.

Tested by mum Naomi Heasman

I was pleasantly surprised when I first opened the sterilising bags, the packaging tells you everything you need to know, and the instructions are also printed on the sterilising bags for convenience, which is great for when you’re out and about (or if you lose the box)! Each bag can be used 20 times which is great, and they fit everything I need in there. The bags are quick and easy to use, and everything takes a lot less time to cool down compared to when I use my electric steriliser. They make my life quick and easy, and take up a lot less room than a general steriliser!

Tested by mum Bethany Johns-Bielby

When I first heard about the product my first thought was how handy they would be for travelling or overnight stays at grandparents, as they are so small and can be used numerous times without any other equipment needed other than a microwave. For me personally, I will continue to use my electric steriliser at home however I can see how useful this product would be if you are short on counter space or breastfeeding and don't need a full-time steriliser. When I first saw the product, I was impressed – the instructions are simple and the tick boxes are really helpful as it would be easy to forget how many times it has been used. I would definitely recommend the product for people going on holiday with their babies or as a sterilising method for people who combi feed and don't have a massive demand for sterilising bottles. I would definitely purchase again. 

The Asda Microwave Steriliser Bags will be available online and instore from 19th March.