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The best baby bath thermometers to ensure your baby is safe

Baby bath thermometer

It’s hard to judge by touch whether or not the temperature of bath water is safe for your baby, which is where baby bath thermometers come in. A crucial piece of baby equipment, a bath thermometer will let you know whether the temperature of your baby’s bath water is safe.

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What temperature should my baby’s bath water be?

The ideal temperature for a baby’s bath is around 36-38°C which is around body temperature. The water should feel neither hot nor cold. It’s a good idea to put cold water in the bath first, then add hot water, before mixing the water well to ensure there aren’t any hot spots.

It’s also important not to put your baby in the bath while the water is still running, as the temperature can quickly change. Never leave your baby unattended in the bath, not even for a second, even if there is an older child in the bathtub or you are using a bath seat.

How deep should my baby’s bath water be?

For newborns and babies up to six months, the water should be around five inches deep, or just enough for your baby to settle in the water with their shoulders covered. For older babies and children, the bath should never be more than waist-high when your children are sat down.

What are the best baby bath thermometers on the market?

With plenty of different bath thermometers to choose from, we’ve come up with a few of our favourites here:

Everyone loves a rubber duck and this classic looking digi duckling will not disappoint. The friendly-looking water thermometer allows you to see the temperature of the bath water at a glance, with a red warning light that illuminates when the water temperature is too hot. The duck automatically turns off after an hour and blends in well with your baby’s other bath-time toys.

One of the cutest thermometers we’ve ever seen, the Nuby Turtle Bathtime Clock and Thermometer is a clock, timer and thermometer all in one. The turtle flashes and beeps when your baby’s bath water gets too hot and the temperature can be clearly seen on the easy-to-read display. There’s no certain amount of time your baby should spend in the bath, but the timer and clock come in handy if you want to monitor how long you’ve been splashing around and having fun!

Unlike other bath thermometers in this list, the Munchkin Hot Safety Bath Duck does not tell you the exact temperature of the water, instead it displays clearly whether the water is too hot or not. The white-hot marker on the bottom of the duck turns white to reveal the word ‘HOT’ when the bath water is too hot. It’s a fun toy for your little one to play with and is water-tight to prevent mildew, however not knowing the exact temperature can be a drawback.

If your bathroom is already full of bath toys, or you’re looking for a bath thermometer that can easily be transported on holiday, a bath thermometer card is a good investment. Unlike others on this list, you can’t leave it floating in the bath with your baby, but it’s large Liquid Crystal display tells you at a glance whether or not the bath water is safe. With no moving or breakable parts, and no need for batteries, it’s a good thermometer to pack in your suitcase or leave at grandparent’s house.

Another adorable bath thermometer, this cute whale from Moby is a dream to store thanks to its clever suction pads, allowing you to stick it to your bathroom wall, with the tail acting as a wash cloth hook. The colour changing LED means the whale will change colour if the water is hot, cold or just right. It comes as part of a cute whale themed set of bath products from Skip Hop, and we love how friendly and appealing it looks to little ones.

A great option for crocodile-obsessed tots, this cute room and bath thermometer looks so friendly your little one definitely won’t mind seeing it in the bath with them. This clever device re-checks the temperature every ten seconds to ensure the water does not become unsafe, and automatically turns off after thirty minutes to save battery. With a red and green indicator telling you at a glance whether the water is too hot or too cold, this easy to use croc is a must-have.

Available in two lovely shades of pale pink and pale blue, this floating flower allows you to check your baby’s bath water at a glance. It’s safe and fun for babies of all ages to play with, and the digital display is easy to use. We love a 2-in-1 gadget and this thermometer ticks all the boxes, with the ability to be wiped down and used as a room thermometer as well.

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