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Best baby monitors: The best sound, video and movement baby monitors on the market

Best baby monitor

Whether you decide to go for a simple sound monitor that gives your baby a relaxing light show, or a video monitor that allows you to watch your baby sleeping wherever you are, choosing a baby monitor can be overwhelming. To have make things simple, we’ve summed up the best baby monitors on the market here.

Why should I buy a baby monitor?

They might not sound like an essential purchase before your baby arrives, but once you do, you’ll understand that being able to hear or see your baby from another room is a godsend.

What are the different baby monitors on the market?

In simple terms, there are two main differences between baby monitors – some are audio only, others have audio and video monitoring.

If you’re sure you’re after a video baby monitor, we’ve summed up the best video baby monitors on the market here.

What are the best baby monitors on the market?

We’ve glad you asked, we’ve summed up our top picks here:

Best audio baby monitor under £50: BT Audio Baby Monitor 450, £49.99, Amazon

£48.90 Buy Now

BT Audio Baby Monitor 450

If you want something reliable, easy to use and that will stand the test of time, the BT Audio Baby Monitor 450 is the baby monitor for you. It’s quite simply wonderful to use and is a great option for grandparents who struggle with technology. We love the beautiful calming lightshow and the 18 in-built lullabies to help your little one drift off.

Of course, there’s no video option, but the two-way communication allows you to speak to your baby when they start to stir. It might not be the fanciest baby monitor on the market, but it gets our vote.

Best audio, movement and video monitor: Angelcare AC417 Video, Wireless Movement and Sound Monitor, £249.99, Mothercare

Angelcare AC417

This clever baby monitor has all the gadgets you could need and more. It includes a wireless movement sensor pad with activity tracking, a colour touch screen, two-way communication and a temperature display. We really like the option to rotate and zoom the camera, which is a great option if you’ve got twins, yet it is on the expensive side.

Best wearable baby monitor: Babble Band Audio Digital Monitor, £39.99, Amazon

£59.99 Buy Now

Babble band

Yep, you read that right – Summer Infant are the first brand on the market to offer a wearable baby monitor. The adjustable silicone strap is suitable for both mums and dads and has the battery power to cope with eight hours of continuous use. There’s three different monitoring modes to choose from; audio allows you to hear your baby in the nursery, vibration mode allows you to ‘feel’ your baby when there is sound in the nursery, but the audio is turned off, and sound light mode, where sound activated LED lights provide a visual cue when there is noise in the nursery, and audio is turned off.

The downsides are that eight hours isn’t that long before the band needs recharging, and a few mums struggled with the range, yet it’s still and innovative idea.

The best video baby monitor for easy use: Motorola MPB50, £159.99, Amazon

£138.15 Buy Now


Video monitors are high tech pieces of kit, so when we tried the Motorola MPB50 we quickly fell in love with how simple it is to use. A great option if you’ve got grandparents babysitting, this video baby monitor is really intuitive with a lovely large parent screen. Yet simple doesn’t mean simplified – this monitor still has all the gadgets you’d expect from a video monitor, including a pan, tilt and zoom camera, two-way talkback, a temperature sensor and integrated lullabies.

It’s a great monitor to buy if you want something simple, and the only downside in our eyes is that there’s no easy way to attach the camera to your baby’s cot without buying extra kit, but this is a small annoyance for a great piece of kit.

Best baby monitor to connect to your phone: Philips Avent uGrow, £190, Amazon

£149.00 Buy Now

Philips Avent uGrow Smart Baby Monitor

This sleek looking baby monitor is a dream to connect to your mobile phone, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby, even when you’re not in the house. We love this aspect of the baby monitor – allowing parents to see their baby throughout the day after returning to work.

If you’re in to tech, this is a good choice as the clever app allows you to download your baby’s sleeping data, as well as letting you play soothing lullabies to your baby.

The best baby monitor for multiple babies: Summer Infant Panorama Digital Video Monitor, £149.99, Amazon

£129.99 Buy Now

Summer Infant Panorama Digital Video Monitor

If you’ve got more than one little one in the house, you’ll know just how tricky it can be to keep an eye on both of them at once. That said, this is one gadget that really does make bedtime easier, with the ability to link more than one camera to the huge screen on the parent portal. With night-vision, a temperature display and a two-way talkback, it’s a clever little gadget.

That said, the Summer Infant Panorama Digital Video Monitor does not have the in-built lullabies and white noise options offered on similar products on the market.

Best affordable video baby monitor: BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, £129.99, Amazon

£116.99 Buy Now

BT Video Monitor 6000

A great affordable video baby monitor, the BT Video Baby Monitor 6000 has everything you need, without the price tag. With a temperature indicator, five in-built lullabies, a remote pan and tilt mechanism, this is a good piece of kit from a brand you can trust.

It doesn’t have the 360-degree camera views you’ll find on other monitors, but for such an affordable piece of kit it really is brilliant.

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