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7 of the best baby muslins (because you can never have too many!)

A baby muslin is a small square cloth usually made from cotton and you can use in different ways.

 The NHS doesn't recommend using any spare piece of fabric on your unwatched baby to avoid suffocation, however, under adult supervision, a baby muslin is a must-have baby essential. 

Any mum will know, you can never have too many muslin cloths! 

You will use a baby muslin when you are breast or bottle feeding to wipe milk away from their mouths and clean up sick. As a newborn baby will be fed every 2-3 hours (sometimes constantly), you will need a lot of baby muslins. Also, you can use to wrap or swaddle your baby, even to replace a comforting toy and when burping your baby

You can also use it on the change mat and as a cover up while breastfeeding in public. More ideas to use a baby muslin are to pat a bottom dry after you have cleaned it with a wet wipe, to play peek-a-boo, at bath time, as a washcloth or even as a towel and finally as a teething toy: great for chewing or sucking on.

7 of the best baby muslins and where to buy them

Muslin Squares from Lovjoy come in a triangles, cross andchevron pattern.

It's perfect for wiping & cleaning your baby during feeding time. This versatile piece of cloth will take many avatars and make your life oh so easy. It's made from 100% cotton and machine washable.

The adorable multicolours muslin square come in yellow, purple, turquoise, light green, red and orange. They are made from 100% Cotton, it's 70cmX70cm and machine washable. This is perfect as a new baby gift or for a baby shower.

Animal Friends Set of 4 Muslin Squares is ideal for all ages from new-born to toddler. This product is made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton to keep muslin blankets soft and durable. This breathable muslin cloths is perfect for a baby's sensitive skin.

Cuski Super Soft Bamboo Muslins come in 4 pack of beautiful bamboo muslins. It's 100% pre-washed and anti-bacterial, and it's easily washed and softens with each wash!

Add to your everyday essentials with this handy pack of five muslin squares, which have been made from pure cotton in classic white, finished with charming bear prints.

 Choose this useful pack of 6 White Muslin Squares that will come in handy for mopping up spills, protecting your clothes when feeding or burping your baby, wiping delicate skin or even as a comforter. Super soft, gentle and absorbent. 100% Cotton and 60 x 60cm.

Each cloth measures 60cm x 60 cm – plenty of room to wipe, mop up or cover. The 100% cotton fabric is absorbent and won't irritate your baby's skin. This product is soft, comfortable and absorbent – so your little one can dribble, drool and chew to their heart's content!

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  • Author: Tamires Criscio Gomes
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