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The best baby muslins - because you can never have too many

The best baby muslins - because you can never have too many

A baby muslin is a small square cloth usually made from cotton and you can use them in so many different ways. 

Any mum will know, you can never have too many muslin cloths.

You'll use a muslin when you are breast or bottle-feeding to wipe milk away from baby's mouth and clean up any spit-up. Given how often a newborn feeds (sometimes it feels like constantly), you'll need a lot of muslins.

Muslins are also great to use to wrap or swaddle your baby, to replace a comforting toy, and when burping your baby

You can also use it on the changing mat, and as a cover-up while breastfeeding in public if you want. You can use a baby muslin to pat bottoms dry after changing nappies, to play peek-a-boo, at bath time as a washcloth or even as a towel, and also as a teething toy: they're great for chewing or sucking on.

The NHS doesn't recommend using any spare piece of fabric on your unattended baby to avoid suffocation, however, under supervision, a baby muslin is a must-have baby essential. 

The best baby muslins and where to buy them

You NEED aden + anais muslins in your life. Not only do they do the job of any normal muslin, but they're also SUPER SOFT and really gorgeous too. This jungle design is far too cute and there are loads of designs available, from bright colours to soft pastels and monochrome, too. LOVE THEM. 

Simple and practical, these white muslins will be handy for mopping up spills, during feed times, wiping delicate skin or even as a comforter. Super soft, gentle and absorbent. 

Lovely monochrome designs with grey chevrons, and black crosses and triangles - perfect for any newborn. They're practical as well as great for newborn eyes which can't see colour yet. 

These adorable multicolour muslin squares come in yellow, purple, turquoise, green, red and orange. They are made from 100% cotton, measureing 70cmX70cm. They're perfect as a newborn baby gift or for a baby shower.

This is more than just a muslin. It's a large triangle, as opposed to the usual square muslin, and features detatchable teethers for little ones to literally get their teeth into. You can use this as a swaddle, dribble cloth, pram cover (not during hot weather), breastfeeding cover... and it's cute, too. 

A gorgeous tree design on this bamboo muslin blanket, made from 100% bamboo, so you're saving the planet a bit as well as using a super-soft muzzy. Measures 120x120cm so it's big enough for anything really. 

Not the cheapest muslins (they're £11 each) but beautifully designed and wonderfully soft. 

These muslins are made from 70% bamboo and 30% cotton, making them soft and durable. 

Muslins by Mama Designs are real statement muslins, not just your average muzzy squares, but they won't break the bank. These are double-layered for extra comfort. 

Lovely bright colours on these bamboo muslins mean you won't get confused over which ones are yours when you're at the baby playgroup. 

Add to your everyday essentials with this handy pack of five muslin squares, which have been made from pure cotton in classic white, finished with charming bear prints.

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