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Best video baby monitors: The best video baby monitors on the market

Video baby monitors

A relatively new development in the world of baby monitors, you can now see your baby at the click of a button, as well as hearing her. Video baby monitors have quickly become a parent must-have and there’s plenty of reasons why. Yet all that technology comes at a price, and it can be difficult to know which are the best video baby monitors worth investing in. To help you with this decision, we’ve summed up the best video baby monitors on the market here. 

Are video baby monitors worth it?

It might seem obvious, but using a video baby monitor allows you to see your baby sleeping from any room in the house. Plenty of modern cameras give you the option to move and pan the camera to get a better view of your baby, as well as night vision modes, that allow you to keep an eye on your little one in the dark.

Which video baby monitor is best for me?

Good question! There’s plenty on the market, all available at different prices, with different technology. We’ve summed up our favourites here:

The best video baby monitor for parent control: Motorola MBP36XL

Motorola MBP36XL

With a five-inch curved colour display parent unit, a remote-controlled pan, tilt and zoom and two-way communication, this video baby monitor allows you to move the camera, talk to your baby and play lullabies or white noise without entering your little one’s bedroom. A good option for mums with multiple babies, the rotating camera allows you to keep an eye on more than one child in the same room.

That said, the camera can be quite fiddly to position and needs to be quite a distance from your baby’s cot, but it is small enough not to distract your baby. What’s more, the noise picked up from the camera can be a little noisy for those light sleepers amongst us, but overall, it’s a great, stylish video camera.

The best video baby monitor for grandparents to use: Motorola MBP50, £159.99, Amazon

£120.47 - RRP: £149.99

Motorola MBP50

This super simple video baby monitor is intuitive and easy to use, with a lovely large parent screen that is really clear both during the day and night. That said, the simplicity does not come at a price – the Motorola MBP50 still has all the clever features of similar products on the market, such as a pan, tilt and zoom camera, two-way talkback, a temperature sensor and integrated lullabies.

It’s a fantastic easy monitor, and a great one to buy if you’re not the best with technology. The only downside is there’s no easy way to attach the camera to your baby’s cot without having to buy extra kit, but this is a small annoyance for a great piece of kit.

The best video baby monitor for multiple cameras: Summer Infant Panorama Digital Video Monitor Smart Baby Monitor, £149, Amazon

Panorama Digital Video Monitor

This great little monitor has a large 5’ inch colour LCD screen, with a pan, tilt and zoom camera allowing you to keep an eye on your baby at all times. This is a great choice if you want the option to link more than one camera up to your baby monitor, as additional cameras are available – particularly useful if you want a camera in a separate room where your baby naps, rather than moving the monitor.

It’s packed with all the features you could need, including an onscreen nursery temperature display, automatic night vision and two-way talkback. It’s also got a blue and red nightlight, which means you won’t need to buy one. That said, it does not have the lullabies and white noise options offered on similar products.

The best video baby monitor to connect to your phone: Philips Avent uGrow, £190, Amazon

Philips Avent uGrow

This sleek looking video baby monitor not only looks great, it connects to your mobile phone, allowing you to keep an eye on your baby, even when you’re not in the house! The clever app allows you to download your baby’s sleeping data and play soothing lullabies to your baby.

A great piece of kit if you can afford the price tag that gives you the ultimate peace of mind – our panel of parent testers loved being able to see their baby throughout the day after returning to work.  

The best video baby monitor under £100: BT Video Baby Monitor 5000, £99.99, Amazon

£79.99 - RRP: £99.99

BT Video Baby Monitor 5000

A great little affordable video baby monitor, that does everything you need, without the price tag. With a temperature indicator, five in-built lullabies, a remote pan and tilt mechanism and a long range, this is a good video monitor from a brand you can trust. It doesn’t have the 360-degree camera views other video monitors on the market have, but for an affordable, simple piece of kit, it’s brilliant.

The best video baby monitor under £150: BT Video Baby Monitor 6000, £129, Amazon

£99.99 - RRP: £129.99

BT Video Baby Monitor 6000

Very similar to the BT Video Baby Monitor 5000, but with a larger parent portal, the five-inch screen allows you to see more of your baby. With five in-built lullabies, a 250m range and the temperature display, this Amazon bestseller is a reliable piece of kit. That said, similar to the 5000, it does not have the 360-degree views other cameras offer. 


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