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Prams, buggies, pushchairs, strollers… your baby’s buggy goes by a variety of names, and choosing the right one for you can be stressful. Here’s our ultimate guide to make your and your little one’s journeys happy and worry-free.

All the buggy terms you need to know

First of all, let’s break down what’s meant by all these buggy names.

A buggy is a general term for all baby transporters. Another one is a pushchair, with virtually no difference.

A pram is a type of pushchair that can be used from birth. Many can fold flat, with traditional prams being completely flat, designed for newborns.

A stroller or a lightweight buggy is the most compact and easily foldable, perfect for older children.

If you want your pushchair to come with a matching car seat, a travel system is for you. Some travel systems also come with a carrycot.

Multiple pushchairs are for twins and triplets. In tandem pushchairs, children are placed one behind another.

ATPs - all-terrain pushchairs - are great if you live in the countryside or just love to get out of the city and explore.

3-wheelers (you guessed it - they have three wheels) are stylish and work well for off-road adventures.

Jogger strollers are perfect for taking your baby on a morning run – or at any other time.

How long will you use it for?

Classic prams, however cosy and sturdy, only are good for children under 6 months. If you want to save some money, consider a pushchair that folds flat, or a travel system with a carrycot.

How foldable should it be?

Consider the space in your house as well as the size of your car boot. If your child is older and you are short on space, strollers are a great option. However, there are different models of all kinds that will suit your storage options.

Do you plan to travel a lot?

Will you be going on a lot of holidays? If yes, you might want to consider something that works on different terrains, or even off-road. ATPs and 3-wheelers are your first choice, but they can be quite bulky.

Do you want it to be forward or rear facing?

There is a huge debate on which ones are the best. There are plenty of models that allow you to change the direction your little one faces, so you can find what suits you and your baby best. 

Do you drive or use public transport?

If you drive, make sure your buggy fits into your car boot. If you don’t drive, go for something lightweight to make it easier taking it on and off public transport. In both cases, look for a buggy with an easy one-hand fold system.

Will you and your partner both be using the buggy?

If it’s the two of you and you‘re of different heights, look for one with a height-adjustable handle.

Will you carry a lot of stuff with you?

Pay attention to the basket - the bigger, the better. It also comes in handy if there are some extra pockets on top of the buggy. 


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