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The best environmentally-friendly baby products - nappies, biodegradable wipes, bottles and babygros

Environmentally friendly

What with all the nappies, wipes and clothes you get through, having a baby can take its toll on the planet. It doesn’t have to be this way: from biodegradable nappies and washable wipes to clothes made from organic cotton, bringing up your baby the environmentally-friendly way really isn’t very difficult.  

Naty Nappies, £6.25, Amazon

Naty Nappies

If you are going to use a disposable nappy, the most environmentally-friendly option is from Naty. They use wood pulp from responsibly harvested from Scandinavian forests as the main absorbent and are fully biodegradable. Plus, there are no nasty chemicals or perfumes to irritate your baby’s sensitive skin.

Sophie The Giraffe Teether, £11.99, Amazon 

Sophie the Giraffe

It’s probably one of the most popular baby toys on the market and the good news is that it’s also one of the most environmentally friendly. Made from 100% natural rubber sourced from carefully-managed farms in Malaysia, Sophie is fully biodegradable and a green alternative to plastic teethers.

Beaming Baby Biodegradable Wipes, from £5.25, Amazon 

Beaming baby
It’s quite frightening how many wipes you get through trying to clean those little bottoms, faces and hands so do something good for the planet and invest in ones that are biodegradable. Beaming Baby’s wipes are made from organic plant ingredients and are free from parabens, alcohol and chlorine so they’re better for your baby too.

Klean Kanteen Food Container, £24.79, Amazon 

Klean Kanteen
These food containers are doubly good for the environment. Not only do they stop you wasting food, but they’re also made of stainless steel and recycled cardboard to boost your green credentials.

Star & Moon Orthodontic Pacifier, from £6.50, Amazon

Star and moon

You don’t have to sacrifice your baby’s love of dummies if you want to go green. Hevea Planet’s pacifiers are made from 100% natural rubber latex and are free from PVC, BPA and artificial colours. As well as being soft and gentle on your little one’s face, these dummies have uniquely designed ventilation holes to prevent a vacuum around the mouth.

Naty Disposable Nappy Bags, £2.50, Amazon

Naty Disposable

Being green doesn’t need to be a hassle. These disposable nappy bags are just as effective as their plastic counterparts but, because they’re made from natural cornstarch, they’re also fully compostable.

Little Green Radicals Babygrow, £16.00,

Green Radicals

If you want your baby to have an environmentally friendly wardrobe, kit them out in Little Green Radicals. You’d find it difficult to get more “green” than this white babygrow: it’s made from 100% organic Fairtrade cotton and left undyed, making it a great option for babies with eczema or very sensitive skin.

Kid Kanteen Baby Bottle from Klean Kanteen, from £15.00, Amazon

kid kanteen baby bottle

You can avoid unnecessary plastic by using this metal baby bottle. A BPA-free silicon teat promotes proper latching and healthy teeth, while it can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. And, when it’s no longer needed, you can pop it out in the recycling.

TotsBots EasyFit Star Reusable Nappies, £17.99, Amazon 

TotsBots Easyfit Star

Of course, the most obvious way to protect the planet when you have a baby is to opt for reusable nappies. TotsBots EasyFit Stars won our Mother & Baby Reusable Nappy Awards with mums citing how easy they are to clean and the accompanying washing powder as big pluses.

Washable Cloth Wipes, from £14.00,

washable wipes

Made from 100% organic cotton, these washable cloths are a green alternative to disposable wipes. They’ve been made just thick enough to tackle stubborn, sticky faces, plus, if you’ve managed to find the time to put on some make-up, you can use them on your own face too.

Hippo Bandana Bib, £7.00,

Hippo Bandana Bib

You can never have too many bibs when you’re got a baby around. These adorable designs, from Quack Quack Moo, are made from 100% organic cotton and have nickel-free poppers so are planet- and baby-friendly. Quack Quack Moo are also giving Mother & Baby readers 60% off online purchases until 31 March 2018. Just add in the discount code: MABQQM60Super

Soft Baby Wash, £8.00,

fifi and friends

It’s amazing how many nasty chemicals there are in bath products so, when it comes to your kids, it’s important to choose a brand that uses natural ingredients. Fifi & Friends’ products are free from parabens, silicones and wheat, and use organic avocado oil, coconut oil and aloe vera, making them suitable for newborns and hypoallergenic.

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