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Everything you need to know about the ASDA baby and toddler event


Life with a baby can get expensive, so to help, we do our best to keep you updated with the various Supermarket baby and toddler events throughout the year. This week, it’s ASDA’s turn and here’s everything you need to know about their current savings.

When does the ASDA baby and toddler event take place?

Asda’s baby and toddler event runs both in-store and online from Monday 22nd January until Sunday 11th February.

What are the best deals on offer?

With plenty of different offers on lots of your favourite brands, we’ve hand-picked our favourites here:

  • Pampers Jumbo packs down to £7 from £11, this includes the Pampers Premium Protect Newborn nappies, the Pampers Baby Dry Nappies and the Pampers Nappy Pants.
  • A 12 pack of Huggies baby wipes down to £6 from £9.
  • Plenty of Baby Aveeno products half price.
  • A Dreamtime Safety Gate down to £12.

What other baby and toddler events are on now?

To take a look at the various baby and toddler events happening throughout the year, keep an eye on this page. 

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