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Feeding time? You know best says Nuby

Feeding time? You know best says Nuby

You know how you want to feed your baby so let Nuby’s Natural Touch infant feeding range make the 3am night feed a bit easier to swallow!

It’s not always possible to solely breast-feed, but try explaining this to a hungry tiny person in the middle of the night.

So why not give your baby the best alternative? The Nuby Natural Touch Baby Bottle (£14.99 for six) is designed to be just like you so your little one won’t notice any difference.

The teat has a natural, breast-like shape and feel and the anti-colic valves can also help reduce those colicky cries by ensuring that any extra air goes back into the bottle – not your baby’s tummy.

If your plan is to express every day, make life a bit easier for yourself with the Nuby Digital Breast Pump, £89.99. It stimulates milk production and the five settings will help you control the suction and speed so you can express at your own pace.

The digital control panel is easy to read day or night, which really helps when you’re tired and half asleep.

Your hungry baby won’t want to wait long for his milk in the early hours of the morning so don’t waste time cleaning bottles by hand. Let this ultrafast Electric Steam Steriliser, £30, do the work for you as it kills bacteria and gives you a sterilised bottle in five minutes. Perfect for getting you snuggled back in bed in no time.

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