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Joolz Geo² Pushchair

Joolz Tried and Tested

What they say:

Perfectly geared up for family adventures, this all-terrain pushchair is designed to give your tot a smooth ride, whatever the surface. With a large removable basket and a one-motion fold, this pushchair is suitable from birth and can easily be converted into a double stroller.

What we say:

This stylish pushchair is a great investment. Bound to turn heads, it’s super easy to handle and the large wheels make pushing your precious cargo a breeze, even on sand! The large basket is a great feature – perfect for those who don’t travel light.

Tested by mum Kayleigh:

Overall, the Geo² was easy to put together, it’s a flexible, adaptable, all terrain pushchair which is great as we live in the countryside – I was pleasantly surprised at how well the Geo² did on the beach, in the countryside and even when on gravel. I loved how comfy my baby looked in the pushchair and the huge basket, which is always easily accessible. I would 100% recommend the Geo² to a friend, and to all parents who need a pushchair that will adapt with them and their ever-changing needs.

Tested by mum Jo:

We’ve currently got a three-wheeler and were worried how the Geo² would compare, but it really does! I love the fact it was adaptable with our car seat, which is a Maxi Cosi and how easily it fit into our car (a Ford Focus). I would definitely recommend this pushchair to my friends and can see it being used for the next few years.

Tested by mum Vicky:

The Geo² arrived in a large box (which can be turned into cardboard animals afterwards), with really clear instructions with pictures and descriptions, although most of the set up was quite intuitive and I didn’t really need to look at the guide. The pushchair is lightweight and easy to manoeuvre and can be steered with one hand. The design means it has both city chic and can be used for country living. The only downside was trying to fit the pushchair in the boot of my car, however you can really quickly remove the back wheels which makes it much easier. I would definitely recommend this product to a friend – it’s turned a lot of heads and already lots of fellow mums have commented on how much they like the pram.

Tested by mum Adrienne:

I would describe the Geo² as a stylish, contemporary pushchair that is super easy to manoeuvre. I live in a very hilly neighbourhood and in the past, I’ve had problems with lightweight pushchairs toppling to the side, but the Geo² handles the terrain effortlessly. It’s a beautiful pushchair that is not only practical but very back-friendly too!

Tested by mum Abigail:

The adaptability of this stylish and modern pushchair makes this an overall winner for any growing family. It can go from single mode to a double with the addition of another seat unit. The Geo² is easy to push around – we went on beach walks, shopping trips, park visits and around the town to test it. I love the height of the seat, which is kind on your back when taking your baby in and out, but it also makes it easier to interact with your little one whilst on the move. My husband’s favourite feature was the adjustable handle bars – being 6 foot 2, when they were fully extended they were at a comfortable height for him.

Tested by mum Clare:

I don’t know where to start with this pushchair – I have so many favourite features! As my daughter is eight months old, we were using the seat part of the pushchair which was lovely and padded on her back. She seemed to enjoy the unobstructed view she had from the front and to the sides. The frame is solid and robust and the large rear wheels five the pushchair added stability – even on the cobbles at the Albert Dock in Liverpool. I would definitely recommend the Joolz Geo² to a friend – it’s light, compact, stylish and most importantly provide safety and comfort for your little one.

Tested by mum Gemma:

Sadly, my husband and I lost our first baby, who was stillborn during labour. This left me feeling really anxious and wanting to see my son all the time when we’re out and about, so this is a great feature. The seat height is brilliant as I’m 5 foot 9 and this pushchair allows me to tend to my son without bending. This pram exceeds all my expectations and I would definitely recommend it to a friend.

Tested by mum Katie:

The pushchair was extremely easy to set up – with a little help from my six-year-old daughter, the job was done! The suspension is great that even bumpy kerbs and uneven ground feel so smooth. The fact that I can switch from rear to forward facing easily means I can interact with my baby, and that he can watch his older siblings and the surroundings. It’s a fantastic buggy.

Tested by mum Louisa:

The Geo² is really modern and stylish. My favourite feature has to be the large and accessible basket – I can pack everything I need under there for a day out and it makes life a lot easier. The seat and carrycot are lovely and my baby seems super comfortable in them.

Tested by mum Kayleigh:

From unboxing to putting in the seat position, the Geo² only took fifteen minutes to set up on my own whilst looking after two children (if I’d have needed the carry cot position instead, it would only have been a five-minute job!) The best way to describe the Geo² is safe, secure and reassuringly solid, or as my husband put it ‘a brilliant piece of kit’. I’d struggle to say what my favourite feature is – the basket makes juggling everything that comes with the school run/days out with my children so much easier. I’d definitely recommend the Geo², especially to parents with two children as the clever design means it is no wider than a single pushchair.