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Little Angels – Extra Soft Bedtime Washcloths

Asda Little Angles Wipes

What they say:

Made with lavender and camomile, these wipes are perfect for a top to toe evening cleanse. Designed with you baby’s needs in mind, these extra-large wipes are perfect for a quick bedtime wash, without the need for rinsing or drying.

What we say:

Our mums loved how large these wipes were and how effective they were at leaving their babies with that after-bath feel. A great option for those evenings where your little one is just too tired to have a bath, or for night-time changes.

Tested by mum Chloe Ryland:

The size of the wash cloths was a lot bigger than I expected – I only needed one wipe at a time and wish all wipes on the market were this size! I thought the quality was excellent and the fragrance was mild and perfect. The only thing I’d change would be to add a plastic open/close, as I felt the re-sealable lid lost it’s stickiness slightly.

Tested by mum Hazel Whitehead:

These wipes are lovely! The packaging is robust and the wipes are thick, soft yet strong and smell lovely. My baby doesn’t like to be wiped at all with wet wipes, especially around her face, but she loved these. They are much softer than other brands and the smell is very soothing. They did the job in terms of cleaning her up and weren’t too wet that she couldn’t be dressed straight away. The surpassed my expectations and are a great alternative for those evenings when you don’t have time for a bath.

Tested by mum Jade Clarke:

I’d give these wipes ten out of ten – they are thick and soft, not too wet and not too strong in smell. I’d highly recommend them and will definitely be buying these to use on my new baby in December as well as on my 14-month-old.

Tested by mum Jennifer Jordan:

These wipes are great – they provide adequate wetness and my little one seemed cleaner afterwards. The fragrance was gentle enough for bedtime and the size was excellent.

Tested by mum Jillian Tindale:

I really liked the idea of the wipe being infused with lavender and camomile and am sure my little boy slept well after using these at bedtime! I’ll definitely buy these again – they were really handy and were a great on-the-go option for when we were away for the weekend.

Tested by mum Kayleigh Goddard:

The smell of the wipes is lovely and not too overpowering. The fact they come ready to use without the need of water is brilliant when you need a quick fix. The quality of the wipes are brilliant – no ripping or tearing and they left my baby’s skin feeling soft and silky.

Tested by mum Sara Lotay:

The washcloths are very similar to a thick baby wipe but about twice the size (think floor wipe and that should give you an idea!) They are soft and not too wet, but will effectively remove a lot of filth. I first tried them on my 11-month-old to remove some garden muck when she was too tired for a bath and was super impressed. The cloths are large and smell divine, her skin was super soft and wasn’t left too wet so she was almost immediately dry and able to be dressed. I could see these would be an extremely useful thing to have when travelling.

Tested by mum Staresha McDonald:

I love the fact these cloths are so large, they are soft and smell absolutely amazing. They cleaned my daughter well and she went to bed smelling as if she’d had a bath. I would definitely pay for these in the shops!