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Little Angels First Pants - Tried and Tested

Little Angels First Pants

What they say:

Up to 12-hour dryness for protection day and night! With smooth zigzag sides for a soft, secure stretch and quick-release seams for fuss-free changing. Super-absorbent gel beads absorb up to 30 times their own weight and the pants feature super-soft leg cuffs that are gently elasticated to prevent leaks. No rashes or skin irritation.

Tested by mum Sarah Sala

I really liked these First Pants from Little Angels! I thought the nappies were well-designed as they were thin enough not to show under clothing, but thick enough to be very absorbent. My son has sensitive skin and we had no problems with rashes, which was a big bonus. The sizing seemed accurate to me as they were a good fit for my son’s weight and age and easy to put on. I would definitely use these nappies again and recommend them to other mums.

Tested by mum Vicki Sellors

My child loved the Peppa Pig print, it made the nappy so much more fun than the usual plain ones. We had absolute ease putting them on and they were also very soft against my baby’s skin. I thought the fit was good but wish there were more in a pack for heavy wetters who need changing often. That said, there was excellent freedom of movement, which I loved as my toddler is a real wriggler and it gave him the freedom to move around and climb. The easy-tear sides were really handy and changing time was easier overall as we could do it standing up. They had good absorbency too and I would definitely use again.

Tested by mum Anna Price

We thought these were very appealing, especially because my daughter loves Peppa Pig. I don’t think I’m going to be able to go back to normal nappies now, as she loves them so much! I really like how it says ‘back’ on the back as it’s easy to put them on back to front if not. The sizing was generous, but we had no leaks at all. We also had no issues with rashes and thought the nappies were nice and comfortable on her delicate skin. Changing time has become easier as I don’t have to lie her down and I can change her while she’s playing. She hasn’t leaked at all, but is heavy on waking, when wearing the nappies overnight.

Tested by mum Kirsty Bowring

These nappies are generally very good, there is a fun printed design on the front of each one. My daughter is only one-year-old, so is not overly interested, but for older children this is a fab idea to make nappy changing fun! I love how easy they are to get on and off, using pull-ups over nappies is so much better when you have a crawling baby. The absorbency throughout the day was good, although we did have a few leaks in the evening. One small thing I would add to these pants is to add a sticky tag on the back, so that when you remove them, you can roll them up and dispose of them. That said, I would still buy these again.

Tested by mum Sharna Clark

I would say that the overall appearance of the pants is pleasing – children love Peppa Pig and it was easy to differentiate between the front and back of the pants. I liked how they were both simple and colourful, and the fit is great, they are very flexible with plenty of room but no chance of leaking. The absorption is the best I have come across and I have tried and tested a whole variety of brands. These by far are my favourite and the best for absorbency – I will be recommending them to friends.

Tested by mum Donna Searle

The First Pants are fantastic! My toddler loves wearing them - especially because of Peppa Pig! What I would love is an easier indicator to her (rather than just the word back) for front and back, so she can start to put them on herself. The pants had great absorbency and were a lovely design. We haven’t had any skin irritation at all, even after 12 hours at night and no strong odour either. The best thing is, I have had no complaints from a fussy and very vocal three-year-old, with no leaks at all! I would absolutely would use these again.

Tested by mum Nikki Bate

I think these nappy pants are great – they’re easy to put on and the Peppa Pig element is really fun! We had no problems with rashes, and for this reason I would rate them highly against leading brands. The fit was snug and they stayed on my toddler nicely throughout the day without sagging. Changing time was definitely easier for us - my toddler doesn’t stay still for long so first pants are the perfect solution!

Tested by mum Abbi Logan

I think the Peppa Pig design appeals equally to boys and girls, which appealed to me. The pants were easy to put on and take off, but I would love a little sticky tag so that mums can roll up the nappy after use and dispose of it. These nappies seemed very soft and we experienced no irritation on baby’s skin. They fit well around the legs and waist and did not inhibit movement at all. I liked how versatile these pants made changing time, as we could do it on baby’s tummy or even standing up. 

Tested by mum Kate Kadleck

My two-year-old loved the fact that Peppa and George were on these nappies, this prevented a huge tantrum when changing time came around! I liked the fact that they were so easy to use, my toddler could be either standing up or lying down and they’d slip on easily. I didn’t think the nappy was very flexible at the back, I would have maybe liked them to sit closer to the skin. We did have a tiny leakage, but my toddler was unwell so I don’t think that would have happened usually. Overall, we didn't experience any problems with irritation, so they must have been very soft. These pants definitely give freedom of movement – my toddler is running around and playing as normal! I do find using nappy pants so much easier than regular nappies, as I have a toddler who doesn't like to keep still. Also, the absorbency is good generally, we kept the nappies on for up to six hours at times and they didn't become big or heavy. I enjoyed using these nappies and would definitely think about buying them in the future. 

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