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MAM Electric Steriliser & Express Bottle Warmer

Mam 6 in 1 steriliser

What they say: 

The innovative MAM steriliser and bottle warmer features six functions that will make your life easier. It can be used for either electric or microwave sterilising and there are four different warming functions for your milk. The kit contains two Easy Start Anti colic bottles two 0-2M Soothers and a small pair of tongs to assemble the clean bottles.

What we say:

This is a great all-in-one product that has a variety of functions to make feeding your baby easier. A few of our mums experienced some confusion in the initial set up, as unlike others on the market, bottles do not need to be stood upright in this steriliser. Yet overall, this speedy steriliser is a time saver.

Tested by mum Katie Lewis and Finley (18 months):

I thought the multi functionality of this product was great and loved that you could put part of the steriliser directly in the microwave. At first, I found it a challenge to get my head around all the different functions and found the steriliser took up quite a lot of space on our small worktop. That said, it was easy to use the warming function and it was handy to have a bottle heated to the right temperature, rather than keeping a close eye on the microwave. Overall, I was very pleased with the MAM Electric Sterilisers’ performance, look and functionality.

Tested by mum Lynsey Ward and Kenziha (2 weeks old) and Arianna (2 years old):

I found all the functions really handy and even used the defrost setting to prepare my toddlers meal! I like the fact this is an all-in-one product, so I don’t need lots of other devices to take care of my baby’s needs.

Tested by mum Joni Walker and Kiki (13 weeks):

I was really excited when I first heard about this product, as it would eliminate the need for me having two separate things taking up space on my counter top. I am currently breastfeeding and regularly express, so I feel like I am always washing and sterilising bottles and breast pump equipment! This product sterilises in seven minutes, which is half the time of my current method, however I thought it was pretty expensive compared to others on the market.

Tested by mum Sydoni Mackie and Amelia (4 weeks):

After taking a short while to set up and get to grips with, this has to be one of the easiest products we have used for our daughter. When it comes to sterilising, you don’t want to be waiting ages, so only having to wait seven to ten minutes from start to finish is perfect. I really like the look of the product and wasn’t worried about having it out on the worktop all the time. Having now tried and tested this, I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending it to my friends and wouldn’t want to use any other steriliser.

Tested by mum Abbie Russell and Matilda (3 months):

I think it’s great that this one device can do everything you need, but wish you could add more bottles. I love the colour of the product and how it looked in my kitchen and was really impressed at how quickly it heated my baby’s milk. We’ll definitely use this when we start weaning.

Tested by mum Julie Gillespie and Ben:

It was really handy to have everything you need ‘all in one’, which saves money and space. I used the express warmer for night feeds and found it really speedy, which is a big plus point as my hungry baby doesn’t like to wait too long. I’d definitely recommend this to mums who need to travel with a new baby, as it’s pretty compact. That said, I’ll probably continue to use my old steriliser as the current bottles I am using are not MAM, so I can’t fit in as many in as I hoped – which is important at the moment when my baby is feeding every two hours.

Tested by mum Lauren and Holly (9 months):

This is a great multi-function product for all new and experienced mums – it’s a huge space saver and only takes a few minutes to set up. I really liked the fact it only took seven minutes to sterilise the bottles and has a handy beep to let you know when it’s finished cooling down. One of the best features on offer is the keep warm programme, so if your baby isn’t necessarily hungry at the time it saves reheating the bottle later. I would certainly recommend this product to my friends – it makes life with a baby that little bit easier!

Tested by mum Resha and Ayanna-Almaz (14 weeks):

I thought the MAM Electric Steriliser was brilliant and loved the fact I could use it for everything! The warming function was excellent and warmed the bottles exactly how my daughter likes them. I will continue to use this alongside my other steriliser.

Tested by mum Claire Pinder: 

I was very satisfied with all the functions on this device and found the quick and simple sterilising to be really handy. The only issue I had was that the unit was too big for my microwave, so I wasn’t able to use this as a microwave steriliser. I also really like the grey colour which is much subtler than a lot of the others on the market.

Tested by mum Emma Nutkins:

I really like the fact I could travel with the top part of the steriliser, and use it in the microwave at my family members’ houses. When my baby is older and I’m weaning, the idea that I can defrost and heat his food using this is really handy. I would definitely use the bottle and food warming device in the future, but as a steriliser, I will probably stick with the one I’ve got. 


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